Stroker + prostate script


anybody has any suggestions for following wish
I’d like to use the handy in connection with a #prostate massager. I got one and I can control it via #intiface .

I imagine having a mixed video like teasing and showing women, nicely stroking with the handy.
Then it will change to femdom pegging or shemale anal, now it’s not stroking but the prostate massager runs.

At the end there might be another scene but now both handy and prostate massager are running together.

Actually I would be happy for any video with different funscripts for handy and ass vibrator.

Any idea?

Thank you for ideas

Here’s a vid with sleeve, dildo and vibro script:

Check out the OP and his other posts.

You could probably try using the same script with a sleeve and vibro, since script players translate sleeve position into vibro intensity. It wouldn’t be exactly what you described but close.

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Check the multi-device tag and see if there’s anything you like.


Like this?

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check my posts in general. a have a lot about multi device scripting