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Sub Tags <sub></sub>

Is there a way of adding the <sub> Text </sub> tags as icon to the menu bar?

I like to use them as a possibility to change the text size.
My keyboard does not have the symbols < > so I always must copy them from somewhere :neutral_face:

    <sub>1x Sub
    <sub>2x Sub
    <sub>3x Sub

Normal text
1x Sub
2x Sub
3x Sub

A tip if there is no solution and you have a numpad. Hold down Alt (not Alt Gr) and type 60 or 62 on the numpad to get < or >. You can do this with all printable characters in the ASCII-table. I often used it for / and \ (47 and 92) when using a command prompt window that had US keyboard layout.

I don’t know if it works on a laptop using the Fn key to get access to a numpad on the letter-keys.

It doesn’t work with 1,2,3… keys above the letter keys. It must be the numpad unfortunately.

I am using a special gamer keyboard which also lacks of a numpad :confounded:

did some digging, and unfortunately I don’t think there’s any plugins that expose that in the toolbar right now

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