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Subverse Integration

So… how hard would it be to integrate a stroker function for the handy/launch etc. ?


It’s generally pretty easy to integrate, but that integration would need to be done by the Subverse devs.

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That is interesting, i hope they will someday do that :slight_smile: Thanks for the answer!

Until then, I searched the forum to see if anyone’s made scripts for Subverse. It’s lacking. So I do plan on creating some scripts for the “pandora” side of things lol.

I will say this, They’re already hinting VR integration through the pandora scenes, and as I quote “we want to lead the adult market,” I really think if someone reached out to them (probably a patron) and asked them about interactive integration. They’d totally do it. Like @defucilis said, it wouldn’t be hard to do. But it would be done on their side. Funscript integration is a million times easier than VR integration lol.

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oh thanks for reminding me, i scripted a subverse compilation already LOL


YES, you go King!

Can you send me a link for pandora i want to knows what is it