Suggest background composition themes for SLR Passthrough videos

Check it out CG background VR Porn Videos | SexLikeReal

We will be adding some composition backgrounds for our chromakey videos in Passthrough section so you can enjoy some cool backgrounds like Space Orgasm was made back in the days.

We can either inject background as an asset into player or render the whole movie. Perfectly we want some game devs to join our team to make these work like game assets or mods.

You can expect static images uploads to be supported in SLR app. Figuring out how to make it work with video animation in the background.

Those are some community renders already

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some classic themes for pretty much anything, including porn, would probably be:
Medieval / Medieval Fantasy (one has magic and one doesn’t so idk if they should be separated lol), Sci-Fi stuff (which you already have, sort of), Pirate / middle-of-the-sea stuff, Cyberpunk-type stuff (I think this one is perfect because of the neon pink color scheme inherently making erotic scenes feel more intimate) and maybe something like an apartment on top of a huge skycraper, being able to watch the city as you get cared for by a woman is peak haha.

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Perfectly we want some game dev to join our team to make these work like game assets or mods. It’s somewhat easy to upload static images, but making it work with another video is going to take an effort.

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Those are some community renders already

Here comes the new ones with AI scripts :fire:

Is this not the same thing as the pass through that overlays the vr onto real life? I got a quest 3 with color pass through and I thought somehow the video would be like an AR situation where the actress appeared to be in your room? I haven’t figured out how to do that , the app settings switch it to gray room to black . What am I not getting ? Using quest 3 with link cable and both deovr and SLr app.

that’s right :+1:

It’s automated once streaming. Just click eye icon in the player. For local playback you have to do manual setup

Theres an alternate version on SLR without the cg background that you can use for passthrough.

Both work the same way in PT part.

Perfectly we wanted to have one video, but because it’s a separate creator making these CG we have to keep it separate

when i click the eye it just turns everything black except actress