Suggestions when using OFS for BJ sections

Hello. I have been practicing using OFS with the python funscript editor to try to automate as much of the scripting process as possible. When it is a typical hardcore section where you input the two points, its pretty easy.

However, just looking to see if anyone has any tips or suggestions when trying to use this when it is a BJ section since it tends to be a bit more random and unpredictable. Not sure where to put these points. I have ended up just doing them manually but its much more tedious.

Relatively new to scripting too but for BJ scenes I just do them by eye.
Is she staying at the tip for a bit? Probably has an active tongue, so i program a few fast short strokes to simulate. This can also be used for artful hand work.
Pushing down to the base I do a follow to 90% pen, then a slow 90%-100%-90% as she pushes the last bit and maybe rotates on it just a bit.
Using tongue? Follow the tongue as though it were stroke, I program for a Keon and up 50% pen at the bottom end of head so that a lick from bottom head to tip will be a 50% pen and you have room to work when she swallows it up.
That’s my two cents on scripting BJs anyway.

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