Support for Feel Connect 3.0 in Buttplug/

I’m sorry, I don’t know where this should go. But has anyone ever requested that Feel Connect 3.0 be directly supported instead of the specific device (in my case it’s the dumbass Svakom Alex Neo). I mean, I don’t code or anything, so I wouldn’t really know, but I feel if there was an option to produce a QR code to sync to Feel Connect, the way Feel Connect does it with Pornhub and other websites (does it badly), I think that’d make things so much easier. I really do wish I did my research, but I had no idea this whole custom scripting and interactive porn was a thing until I bought the Svakom Alex Neo. It’s just crazy seeing all the devices that are out there, but only so many are compatible with Buttplug. And if I can provide anything to help get the Svakom Alex Neo supported by buttplug, by providing data of any kind, please let me know where I can do that.


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