Support for more common protocol

Hey I have bunch of devices which support my own protocol through serial port and even funscript video player which gives instructions through serial port.
Now i want to try to play some moded flash games with this toys.
Is there a way to create some sort of app which recieves commands from Flash-toy-sync and sends them to toy through serial?
What kind of protocol is used? Is there any specification? Thanks.

T-code is the standard for serial multiaxis toys.

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You can make a python script that connects to intiface through a websocket and translates the received messages to your own protocol. (Assuming the game can use intiface). I use that to connect my diy device using proprietary UDP messages via wifi, but serial would work as well.

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Yes this is the idea. Is there any specification how does the packet look like?

This is the documentation. initiface is just a web interface for the buttplug protocol.

Initiface docs are here, you can poor over them but i dont think it has any protocol specs there. You will probably have to dig a bit more