Survey for future Scripting! (Video types, Kinks)

Pls choose the video type you like the most !

  • Hentai
  • HMV (2D)
  • HMV (3D)
  • Fap Hero (2D)
  • Fap Hero (3D)
  • Animation Compilation (2D)
  • Animation Compilation (3D)
  • MMD
  • Real Life porn
  • PMV
  • Cock Hero

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You can choose everything your o.k with for this one! (Genre, tag)

  • Loli, Shota
  • Trap (Including Femboy)
  • Furry (10~70% animal, not too much)
  • Futanari
  • Tentacle
  • Gay (Both sexes)

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I will use this survey results to choose what to script next! and so on~

Thank you for spending your time here!

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One of my votes was Hentai even though I usually pass on censored Hentai/HMV/Fap Hero material so any uncensored stuff is very much appreciated. Thank you for all you do.

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Hmmm… the problem with normal porn is that it takes to much time to script since it’s too long.

Maybe I should start with cock hero or pmv videos first.

yup, cock hero would be the best !!

Any suggestions? I have no idea about these types of videos since I don’t watch them casually. :face_with_monocle: