[Survey / Poll] How much money can you pay for funscript

Hi all,

I was scripting few months ago for VR videos. After a break I’m planning to be back in this game.

After creating multiple script for me as free and on demand for money I choose to share my next scripts for money.

I will probably follow the way open by @mADsCRIPTS using gumroad. This plateform allow to buy files against fiat currency. I know that people here are not really ready to use crypto currency. So this solution looks a good compromise.

Before starting all of this I was wondering how many people are ready to pay for a script. Scripted videos will be mostly VR videos with an average length between 0h45 to 1h15. And we are talking about good script made frame by frame with the help of tracking tools for repetitive scene.

2 options come to me, monthly sub with access to past scripted videos and 3 to 5 scripts by month. Or allow to buy script 1 by 1.

Here is a survey to get a picture of the mood here :

Monthly sub / Buy 1 by 1 ?

  • Monthly Sub
  • Buy 1 by 1

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Subscription for 1 month ?
(3 to 5 VR script. Average 1h)

  • 2$
  • 3$
  • 4$
  • 5$
  • 6$
  • 7$
  • 8$
  • 9$

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Price for 1 script
(Video lenght around 1h)

  • 1$
  • 2$
  • 3$
  • 4$
  • 5$

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Thanks for your time and sorry for my english. It’s not my first language.

Open to suggestion in comment :sunglasses:


In the realm of suggestions I think it depends on what you plan on scripting. Mainstream videos would probably get more sporadic subs while niche video’s more continued subs but a lower volume.

Personally I joined spacemans patreon as I got got to pick a script and so the value for that kind of service was fantastic.

As a middleground creating a pool of video’s and letting people vote on them might be the way to go.

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I’m thinking about this part of the deal. I think making a poll to choose the video is a great idea. But don’t know how to do it at the moment. On eroscript on other place. Have to see all the posibilities

Subscription for 1 month ?
For me it depends on a few things. Only 1 studio will be scripted? Or you are choose out of 5? Only videos available on POVR or SLR? If you script only 1 premium publisher like VRCosplayX, BaDoinkVR, VRBangers… I would pay more than for a publisher mix.

Price for 1 script
The question is too general for me. A script with a lot of blowjobs or different action in it must be more expensive as a script with 10mins vaginal penetration. Example: If you take 3 Dollar for a 1 hour script, a 10 min script costs 50 Cent? I think the price should increase more progressive.

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Does patreon allow stuff like scripting porn video ? I’m not sure. I heard that spacemans patreon was closed by the company

agree, $3 or even $5 for a 1 hour script seems like a low number tbh.

Then again, scripts have 0 marginal cost, so I guess it depends on how many people buy them, how much $ you need to make to sustain yourself, and then building up a brand/customer base to command a higher price

I tried to stay in the SLR prices

You can also offer requests via gumboat. Just create a product like:

Script request 45-60min
Price 9 Dollar

Script request 30-45min
Price 7,50 Dollar

Script request 15-30min
Price 6 Dollar

After the purchase you get an email adresse from the buyer.

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Yes was thinking about this solution too.

I have no idea on the legalities of Patreon. I dont think Spaceman has been told yet what caused him to get flagged. He thinks it was that he linked to the videos and added pictures that got him flagged but he would of course know more.

Having given it thought I dont think i’d go higher than $5 a script unless I was getting input into what was being scripted (like madscript is suggesting above.)

Anything at $3 or lower would probably get pushed into that impulse purchase zone but it’s whether volume would ofset the lower cost.

Again jumping onto madscripts point about subs. if you rotated studios monthly you may get people who sub because they love that studio and know that the 3-5 scripts will be what they like. You would also then get an idea of which studios sell well.

Slow, sensual, unpredictable bj movements are much harder to script than the rapid movement from vaginal/anal. Makes sense how bj priced more.

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What does it take to get you scripting for SLR?

The need of creating a company. Looks like a boring process and it add a lot of administative stuff. I’m from France … Without this part I will already apply to it.

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on RS and SLR most scripts are between 3 to 6 dollar to buy. simple rule could be 1 dollar for every 10 minutes of scriptable action.
I dont think there are a lot of people willing to spend 9-10 dollars on 1 script.

Yes for me 5 is really the max I can spend for a script that is not a personnal request

Totally. I guess @Realcumber might have an option to work with natural persons, but ultimately it’s best to gets things setup. Getting sole proprietor shouldn’t be a problem in the EU.

Actually the way things are regulated in Europe is a huge limiting factor. All the US internet tech driven platforms like Fiver, Patreon, Airbnb etc once were doing business like no regulations exist are now fully complying with the US and EU law

The regulation isn’t going anywhere, yet it seems to be even more of it coming into every aspect of the Internet.

It was super easy when the UK was still in the EU and you could easily set up a ltd company. But for example. In germany it costs around 20 Euro and only requires a visit to the local administration to start a business (with liability) or self-employment (with liability). If you’re going to be a limited business, it’s a little more expensive and complicated.

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It’s possible to run an ‘adult’ Patreon, but you have to be very careful about any images you use, and explicit language. Putting up any pornographic pictures or descriptions will get you flagged.

In my experience they’re pretty relaxed if you use vague allusions to what you’re offering. So if you were to describe a script as a ‘hand-crafted relaxation experience’, or something like that, you’ll probably be OK.

If it was me, I’d host the videos (or links to them) off Patreon completely, so the tiers give you access to a password protected webpage where you can explain exactly what you’ll get. Like I said, it’s possible to do it but you have to get creative.

Why not just use Only Fans instead?

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Onlyfans is only for 10% a possibility. But the vote is 2 weeks old, a lot of things changed since gumroad shops and a patreon were started.

If you use copyright material what is not yours, you still get trouble. I don’t think anyone wants to risk an injunction or worse :pensive:

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