Sync issues

Hi all,

Recently formatted my pc and after installing the script player again none of my scripts are syncing right with the launch. Seems to have a mind of it’s own.
Any suggestions on how to fix this would be extremely helpful.

Seem to be having connection issues too. It’ll connect then randomly disconnect and I’ll have trouble connecting it again.

I would make sure you have all of the chipsets and drivers for hardware are all updated and all .net framework updates from windows. Just do all updates. Then try again. Check to see if you are having issues with any other Bluetooth devices. You have tried using the Launch workflow chart?

Best of luck!

Hey thanks for your help. I can connect to the launch via the feelconnect app. I can also control it fine using the app. I cannot see any firmware updates available.
I’ve made sure all my firmware/driver updates are current and also tried rolling back my bluetooth driver to a previous version to no avail.

It will connect to the script player but then disconnect. Not sure what to do from here.
The launch will stay connected to the app fine but disconnects from script player within about 10 seconds.

That sounds frustrating.

The erratic behavior could be cause by a weak signal, does moving the launch closer to the Bluetooth signal make it sync better?

Were you able to confirm no other Bluetooth devices are having issues as well?

I’ve just installed the script player on my laptop and I’m having no issues with the laptop which can only mean it’s something on the desktop PC.
The distance is the same as it always was (within 1.5m)
It did disconnect/reconnect from the laptop once but that didn’t seem to stop it working.
Do you have any suggestions for things I can try on the desktop as that’s the machine I use it with.

Has anything else changed other than the reinstall of the OS?

I am grasping at straws here. Best I could say is you might be on a different version of the firmware for the bluetooth than you were before.

Are there any errors in device manager?

Nothing changed except the reinstall. Same version of OS too.

Wouldn’t have a clue about the firmware. Bluetooth is built in to the motherboard.

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