Sync Sex games to toys?

So my place to go to for Sex games is on
there is thousand of great games, story base games, made in Ren-py, UE4, ext. all free and publish by devs ext.
Is there any devs working on project that would make it possible to sync toys to UE4, Ren-py, and other engines?

If so i think that would open up a door to a haven of great interactive games, if there was a way to easily combine own made scripts with games from that site, especially with ren-py games as a LOT of stuff on there is made in that, and are great story-based games. AND that ren-py games can be open up, and extract the video files from ext. So basically if there was a way to make ren-py use a script player, there might be an easy way to just add script for the “Video” parts in the games? maby?

This topic is a bit messy but i think you guys will understand.


The games themselves need to have the support for it. Currently there are a handful done by Sauceke

Using the buttplug interface as well

For list of currently available projects the community has done

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hello, I make some integration with a mood tool for gsm2 games. with some lines of code, you can catch the events in the game and share by HTTP to an external program that controls the device by buttplug.
the problem is how easy or not easy is to “hack”/mood the original game to share some events via HTTP request
I see many h-games that are HTML/JS- based. I think those games may have an easy way to mood, but I can’t figure out how.
check Fallen Angel Marielle [OPEN SOURCE] + Chaos Mode + Fixs (16-Apr-2022).

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I been trying to get After Service Gangbang Addicts to sync with the intiface Desktop but i cont get it to connect, any ides?

Ah you probably ran into the same issue I did, you need to double check the plugin settings but you have to install a separate plugin menu onto the game with this:

Then you can press F1 with the game loaded and get the plugin menu to make sure your toy is connected and all the settings is right

Well apparently some games need the 64v and some 32v of the plugin and that was my problem.

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