Sync tv and pc

i have a tv (no smart tv) with a ps4 using plex to get my movie from pc
so there no way to connecte my pc to tv
is there a workaround to sync my video on JoyFunPlayer, to my video playing on tv
i only see one way to do that and is to play start on both pc and tv at same time.

did i miss something ?

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My recommendation would be to get a chromecast or similar device and just stream your PC screen over to the TV. Otherwise I am not sure about a solution for you.

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If your PC has any extra video outputs you might be able to just get an adapter to go from whatever it’s got to HDMI, and connect it to your tv that way. Though it depends on your video card which things it can do at once. (The one on my old computer, for instance, had three outputs, but could only drive two at a time.)


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