Syncbot AI Masturbator integration with Manual Script. Free Syncbot Give Away for Eroscript!

Greetings everyone,

We’re the Syncbot team, a tech startup in the sex toy industry. Syncbot was previously known for generating AI scripts and syncing directly to any videos, onlines or offlines. We’re thrilled to share some exciting news – Syncbot is now taking innovation to the next level, and is now in the testing phase of integrating manual scripts!

Syncbot stands apart from the crowd as a male masturbator that offers a truly realistic experience thanks to its unique servo motor. It can stroke, grip, and rotate, all while replicating the authentic suction encountered during real sexual experiences. The result? A truly immersive and lifelike synchronization experience.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Eroscript community, which has significantly contributed to advancing the realm of manual scripts over the years. Therefore, we would like to give away 1 Syncbot Pro package, along with three $150 coupons, exclusively within this community.

Participating is simple:

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  2. Join our subreddit: r/syncbot

Then you can enter the giveaway by clicking here.

If you are already a Syncbot owner, don’t miss out the fun! Join our Discord channel today, share your favourite manual scripts, and we will make it compatible with Syncbot!


Looks like a fantastic little device, may have to add one to the arsenal, good luck to the winner!


i own one of these and it’s awesome. company ships from hong kong super fast. great customer service ans support. very dedicated to making the best product based on what the community asks for.

the device is high tech so it is theoretically capable of a lot


Thank you for your support!

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This technology looks to easily rival the handy! I would absolutely love to experience something like this.

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Sleeve looks really shallow, I bought something that looked similar to this off Amazon and the way they have it set up it looks like it’s stroke length is going to be less than 3 inches, maybe closer to 2. Definitely won’t rival the handy.

The other specs sound cool though

Hi there, the stroking mode is just a fraction of Syncbot’s versatile motion, which is around 6 inches of length.

The true brilliance of Syncbot’s servo motor lies in its contraction and rotation capabilities, all within its slender body. The combination of these three modes is mind-blowing. :wink:

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as far as I can tell there is no VR or local funscript support yet?

Currently, Syncbot does not have built-in VR support. To connect with your VR headset, you will need to use casting software. Our tech team is diligently working on developing a VR solution.

Syncbot is not compatible with Funscript because it relies on a special 3-dimensional script (involving stroking, contraction, and rotation), which is different from the traditional 1-dimensional manual script used in Funscript (mostly stroking only).

Our AI model is specifically designed to generate these 3D scripts, currently covering approximately 80% of the viewed videos on Pornhub. It also has the capability to parse your local files (lifetime free access), achieving an accuracy rate of around 90% for real-people porn. This should satisfy the majority of your requirements.

However, if you wish to use manual scripts for specific porn or games, we have developed a manual script solution. Here’s how it works:

  1. For videos on Pornhub, simply provide us with your manual script, and we will upload the converted Syncbot script to our server. All you need to do is use our SyncBrowser software to stream the video online, connect to your Syncbot, and enjoy.

  2. If it is local files, the process is just as straightforward. Drag and drop the converted Syncbot script into the SyncPlayer software folder, play the videos locally and enjoy the experience.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I was going to disagree whole-heartedly, but @Syncbot_support summed up what I was going to say and then some. Can’t judge a book by its cover.

I’m still pretty certain when they say the stroke length is 6 inches they mean the entire sleeve length is 6 inches.

It looks to me that the stroke mechanics are just from the rotating cup moving up and down and it will only go up and down a couple inches. I owned a stroker that looked very similar to this and that’s how it worked.

I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve seen those on Amazon and even tested a few of them out, they’re poorly designed and will usually burn out after a handful of times. The Syncbot has a sale price of
$369.00 and for that type of money, I can surely expect a high-quality piece of technology. The handy has been a true marvel, but the Syncbot just looks better to me personally. Up and down gets old, no matter how many different stroke lengths and speeds you use. Adding contractions and the ability to rotate is a true game-changer. The DIU projects posted here offer similar functionality at a much higher price and assembly is usually needed. This just looks like a complete package that could get even better in the future.


Hi tradethevolman, here is a comparison review on reddit. Feel free to take a look for reference. :slight_smile:

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Can you use the device while connected to power socket?

Yes, it works both when on battery and when connected to a power socket. :wink:

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From the review:

“Once the Syncbot adds support, I won’t need to use the Handy anymore, since I’d be able to use the Syncbot with my quest 2 and mobile device with existing funscripts.”

I assume that support is in the works?

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Is the giveaway limited to some countries? What about the EU? Is the package discreet?

Isn’t it possible to make it work like multiaxis stroker devices like OSR2 and SR6 where you have several funscripts, one for each axis? In this case one script would be no to full contraction, another would be no to full rotation and then the standard stroke in the last script?

Making it compatible with funscript will make a huge difference from a community point of view.


I would not invest into another toy, that cannot accurately use the library of script I already have stored locally. Using an online converter is a privacy concern, and not something I would deal with.
To me, this seems like gatekeeping, similar to how the Handy is dealing with things.
(Unless you go bluetooth, which can be an inferior experience.)

As stated, there are already toys with several axis, and special functions running funscripts.
I am thinking this is more about will and business model, than technical challenge.

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Yes, we can ship to the EU. Additionally, rest assured that the package will be shipped discreetly, ensuring your privacy throughout the process. There will be no visible mention of any sex toy-related words on the package.

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