Syncbot X Eroscripts - Funscript to 3D script local converter now in internal testing!

Hello EroScripts Community!

We’re the Syncbot team, a tech startup in the sex toy industry. Syncbot was previously known for generating AI scripts and syncing directly to any videos, online or offline. We’re thrilled to announce that starting this Friday, August 25th, 2023, we’ll kick off internal testing for our brand-new manual script local conversion tool: Fun2Sync!

What’s Fun2Sync?

Fun2Sync is an offline script converter that transforms your 1D funscript into 3D Syncbot-compatible scripts. Simply choose your funscripts and video files, click the start button, and you’ll receive your new scripts, which include three-dimensional stimulation: stroking, rotation, and contraction. Enjoy your favorite scripts with Syncbot’s unique capabilities for an enhanced experience.

Check out this video showcasing the Syncbot scripts created by Fun2Sync, seamlessly blending AI and manual input.

We used the HMV script made by @shbek . It is precise and very high quality. Thank you for sharing.

Want to enjoy this? Copy and paste the link into your SyncBrowser for direct streaming and syncing with your Syncbot!

*To apply for the SyncBrowser beta, please click here SyncBrowser Beta: Options Extend to Online Content –

How to Get Started?

For this internal test within the EroScripts community, please leave a message so we can DM you. We’ll prioritize sending you the Fun2Sync download link.

We value your input and enthusiasm in making Syncbot better than ever. Let’s embark on this journey together, creating a fantastic experience that seamlessly combines pleasure and technology.

BTW, if you haven’t already, we recently launched a giveaway campaign where you can win a free Syncbot Pro Package or one of three $150 coupons, ending in 2 days.

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Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for letting Syncbot be a part of your pleasure-filled journey!


Lol. Thx for using my script as an example. It looks awesome with that machine!


We can share our favorite scripts on the Syncbot Discord, and they will convert them before they release their offline converter for us to do it ourselves. I think it’s awesome of them to do this, and I just had to share one of your scripts @shbek, as one of my favorite script creators on here, so that I could try that out first when I get the device :smirk: (Currently in shipping). They shared the converted script on discord for us to use with their Syncbrowser Player and now that I see it in action, I want to try it even more :heart_eyes:


It is very high quality. Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you for sharing the link with us! :slight_smile: The AI-manual script delivered an outstanding experience due to the well crafted and highly accurate funscript


Amazing vids and the device looks nice😍

Can we use syncbot to generate funscripts instead of 3d script?

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We are thinking about it! :slight_smile:

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How long does it take to convert a script, how much does it change with file size.

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Syncbot arrived today, will be waiting for DM to try it out. thanks :slight_smile:


It is instant. Takes 1 second to convert a script.

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We have DM you the instructions! :slight_smile:

so need to buy a syncbot

Hello there, Indeed, to fully experience it, having a Syncbot is essential. The converter is designed with the purpose of transforming funscripts into 3D Syncbot-compatible scripts. This means that you can experience the combined sensations of stroking, rotation, and contraction provided by Syncbot, all at once. However, these specific script combinations are tailored exclusively for Syncbot’s capabilities and may not be suitable for use with other toys.

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I have a Syncbot and am interested in this converter. Is it possible to participate in the test of this converter even now?

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Yes of course :slight_smile: I will DM you now to send you the instructions.

i am also intrested in this converter. just to be sure, when parcipitating in this test, i will get the software thats for offline conversion, meaning i dont need a internet connection? if its a test, how will you get the feedback?

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Yes, it operates entirely offline. In order to gather feedback, we cordially invite you to join our Discord server.

I have DM you for the instructions.

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I have a Syncbot and I’m also interested in participating.

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I just bought a syncbot and would love a link please to the fun2sync please

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