Syncbot ( Hands-Free ? )

Hi, I’m wondering is there for now no hands-free option for the syncbot, or I just have to make my own ? I want to buy 1 for my self Rn

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You can find some setups in the SyncBot Discord. There is currently a 3D printed solution. Message link:

Someone also shared this as a wearable option.

It won’t let me in the discord, the strap looks like it can work if it’s not bad quality from temu

For me I just wrap a towel around the Syncbot, then have it almost vertically up-right in between my pants and it feels absolutely the best in that position. If you use the Syncbot tilted upwards (i.e. instead of your member going forward into the Syncbot, you place it on an incline somewhere like on a stack of pillow that’s 45 degrees upward of you, or do the towel thing) it feels much better, and you feel the suction expand and contract and the swish of the lube in the best way. It won’t get airtight stuck to you this way.


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