Syncbot Positioning Help

Hey guys wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to me and could offer some guidance with getting the syncbot positioned correctly.

My problem is that length wise I fit into the syncbot in a way that it rests nicely on my pubic area when it is at the top on a stroke. But at about 50% down it starts to crush my dick. This means that while I’m using the device I have to hold it in a pretty precise position or it gets uncomfortable quick, and I can’t really relax the way I used to be able to with the handy.

Wondering if anyone has figured out a good solution to hold it slightly off the pubic area? I’m considering running all my scripts through a converter to just limit the range but if anyone has any other ideas I’d love to hear em.

This is one of the reasons mine has joined my obsolete toy pile. I just can’t fully enjoy the experience having to be conscious how I hold the device. I have a great hands-free setup for my Handy and thought about rigging one for the Syncbot to hold it away from my body more, but I just never had a session which I really enjoyed and closeted the device :frowning: I’ll be following this thread to see what other people came up with in case I ever decide to revisit the device!

Yeah it’s really hard to envision a hands free setup that would keep it stable without have it resting on me like the handy does. I’m gonna keep trying things I’ll let you know what I figure out

You must use the Syncbot holy towel method:

Basically, wrap a body towel around the Syncbot, and use it while it’s facing upward.
The feeling when your member and the Syncbot is upward feels much much better than using it forward facing, and it doesn’t pull you in and do the mangling that the Syncbot tends to do. It feels much more pleasant this way.

I like to tuck the towel with the Syncbot underneath my shirt so that it stays in place, or even in between my pants sometimes. In this way, the machine will lay towards you and you don’t need to think so much about holding it in place.

The forward method is the non-preferred way, and the upward method is the super way.

Another thing is having the towel be 1 inch in front of the Syncbot:
If you use it this way, this can also work the tip a lot better if you’re well-endowed without too much movement hitting the back of the machine. It will make the syncbot not press/suction against your pelvis in. The towel will generally keep this effect from happening, but adding an inch of space helps even more.


It’s a device that didn’t take into account that dick sizes can be a bit bigger for some peeps.

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Holy shit did you make these drawings I love it. I’ll give it a go thank you. Also seems like this would help with the inevitable sploog of lube this thing spits out

Edit: just to follow up this worked perfectly for me. Took a couple tries but now I would say the syncbot outperforms the handy in all ways that i want it to. I’d recommend an elastic strap to wrap around the towel to keep everything nicely in place, and get da thickest towel you’ve got.

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