Syncbot + Syncplayer VR Review + VR script

Disclaimer: bought the syncbot on my own, didnt get offered to shill. My item arrived Oct 10 and been using it daily(almost)
Got inspired to script again cuz of this new toy ngl.

  1. Price: Expensive. Specially in Canada. It almost added 100cad on top of the main price. I wont blame anyone that this will be a main reason why people would count this out. I dont blame them for avoiding canada now so im lucky to get it before they cancelled it. Hope they figure out a way to lower the cost cuz import fees suck. 4/10.

  2. First impression, disappointed with the stroke length(not relevant later on). Im not used to the sensation til after 3 days of use. I really had a bad experience with the device. After communicating back and forth with support, it was user error. I was using a usb extension to my synchub but turns out my front usb3.0 slot was making the experience worse. It is very stuttery and it chokes a lot despite having a strong signal. Bought a new cable and i used the usb slot on my mobo at the back and the movement became so smooth. Before fix, 2/10. After fixing the user error, 6/10

  3. Player- I havent uploaded my stuff but i kept making scripts based on music. Gotta say syncbot allowed me to script really accurately. The syncbot moves the same way as you see it in OFS. There is no script offset feature for syncbot. I unfortunately, I had to intentionally add 200ms delays to my scripts since using Bluetooth earbuds Sony WF-1000XM4s on my quest 2 + heresphere makes my scripts go late. And if i use my pc directly and use my Sony WH-H900N Hear on 2, i get around 100ms delays. And instead of adding and removing delay on scriptplayer if i switch back to normal videos, I just added 200ms of delay to every pmv or mv scripts i have. The syncplayer is pretty good at adjusting to latency. Syncplayer gave me more work to do now that I have to remove 200ms to all my scripts. My only complaint is that watching full screen and if your mouse moves, the FPS tanks to half and the playback gets choppy. When its choppy, the syncbot kinda chokes too. Still wish theres a way to make a playlist or allow folders. WIth the release of VR, it made using this non vr mode very cluttered. Specially dumping all vr files in the player. If there are folders in the player, its easy to organize. Whatever youre feeling that day, you can just pick VR, 2d, even western, jav, or pmvs. 7/10.

Upon the release of VR syncplayer, id rate it a 9/10 since it fixed the organization problem i have with syncplayer. Im so used to navigating heresphere so its no problem. The remaining .5 can be gained if they added organization features on pc and another .5 if the lag can be fixed. Granted, i used 4k files. The lag is not noticeable if its 1080p or under

  1. Latency - 9.5/10. Not even a competition. I already mentioned this in scripting but I separated this because I have to add latency in VR. So I use bluetooth + quest 2 heresphere.
    I initially made a comment that theres no delay even in vr. I noticed there is but its borderline negligible. Some scripts I have feel perfectly timed on pc. While some of the scripts have maybe 25ms delay. Its almost negligible but it is still impressive. IT would help if theres an offset feature built in the player just in case these things happen. Its a lot of improvement compared to my experience with launch and osr on vr for music scripting. Majority of the files, i have to add 200 ms delays, 225, or even 400ms. I scripted a red velvet and iu concert and I had to add 400 ms delay just so its timed to the way I scripted it. But the syncplayer in vr can handle it the way I initially made it. Its quite insane to only havearound 25ms delay. I can live with that. Wouldve been a perfect 10 but not worth losing a full point since its music scripting. Got no complaints on action scenes.

  2. Scripting - Its hard on the genitals if I scripted it the same way as strokers like launch and osr. I wont blame people if they got hurt. I noticed by inverting the strokes is better. Basically, if its bj scenes or penetrating scenes, I invert them. If they are doing some deep ball stuff and gagging, i leave it normally, not inverted. I dont know how to score this because by doing it how I like it, It makes it not directly compatible with launch so I gotta be mindful to be careful to not overwrite the main script in the future lol. Plus with how i see this device, it is not recommended to be accurate with your stroke length. The important thing I noticed is stroke length to be exaggerated. We dont have room to play around for accuracy on the stroke. Thats why it is difficult to just be exactly compatible with strokers. I messed up on my script that i just uploaded and used for testing. guess Ill do 9/10.

  3. Enjoyment - I heavily enjoy the syncbot. I dont have the script software they have so all my work is done thru ofs. I cannot control all the parts so I adapted my scripting to acknowledge that. To address the stroke length, it is initially laughable. I prob wouldnt call this a stroker. I see this as a suction demon. The stroke motion, in my opinion, is a means to an end. It is the motion used to generate suction. By inverting the scripts, down becomes up and up becomes down, its able to generatea strong suction that helps keep my syncbot stay put. I just prop it up with a pillow and it just stays there. Therefore, the up strokes, specifically bjs become incredibly strong because it succs you at the tip and assaults the tip. Those tip teasing scenes or licking scenes become incredibly intense. The succbot suction is so strong, it feels like im attempting to pull excalibur from the stone. It kinda acts like, what i assumed to be, a peen pump. Lately, my erections have been waay stronger and my drive is so high because of the succ. Im always looking forward to my next session. Never used one but thats how it feels. So far, It has able to keep up with those fast strokes and it felt fine. The uehara ai and stars160 vid were insanely fast and it kept up. Im surprised. Just make sure you keep 3 bars minimum of signal strength. 2bars, you will feel it struggle. 9.5/10

  4. Support: They reply fast. Sending pic and vids and help you trouble shooting. I am blessed my device hasnt broken yet and I am using this almost daily. I contacted them twice and both of them have been fixed either by software update or user error. 10/10

Overall: I really enjoy the succbot. I mean syncbot. I am glad I took a chance to get this. It is hard to justify the price because with this price, its like the price of an rtx 4060ti and then some. If price is not an issue and looking for a new experience, I highly recommend. Cant comment on log owners though so ymmv, im 5x5. But in my opinion, this device doesnt need a big stroke length. Based on how I think this works, the longer the stroke length is, the stronger the suction becomes and im afraid it might rip mine off lol.
Final Score - 8.14/10


This is what I think. The stroking motion works together with the contracting sleeve to produce vacuum. “Stroking axis” is fairly misleading name. With that being said I still couldn’t get along with the rotary scabbard due to physical issues, but I’m glad to hear the device worked for others.

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and this…

…explain a lot to me. i’ve been fucking with suction for years, it really is mindblowing. The perspective in this review confirms my suspicions, you kinda really need to feel a scriptable suction machine in action to really appreciate the quantum leap in feeling it gives. i can see why everyone in the Syncbot camp is walking around with asterisk eyes and massive grins, and everyone else thinks they’re mind controlled. i know the feeling. Except i didn’t have a massive company to market a product that can replicate the effect, so it was a bit difficult to convince people. And i much prefer actually fucking my fuck machine, to be honest, than trying to market it. Ah, the sins of the flesh. Still, it’s what we’re all here for…

…yeah, the price is an issue… there may be constant fucking about with re scripting shit until an efficient ecosystem is in place… we’ve no idea how rugged the machine is… and then there’s the dick size (shape? girth?) issue… and the weird marketing… and the kool aid discord… oh jeez…


…you know, we’re all on this website cos we like to fuck machines that fuck us back, so if you got hundreds of dollars to blow on a new machine hoe, and wanna take the risk, then it might be worth it?

i dunno, i ain’t got one, but i know suction is awesome…

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