SyncBot VR Support?

The SyncBot has grabbed my attention with new VR support, but I still have a few questions that maybe SyncBot owners can help me with before I purchase one.

  1. Is VR available to everyone now? Last I saw it was still in beta.
  2. Does the SyncBot work with Heresphere?
  3. How do .funscript files work with the device? Especially ones that have been made prior to the SyncBot’s release.

I would love to buy a SyncBot, but I would only use it for VR, so I’m hoping it supports VR as well as the Handy. Thanks in advance!

  1. Its pretty much anyone who sends them an email. Theyll send you an updated syncplayer with vr. The email i used to contact them is

  2. I dont own the handy, i use scriptplayer mostly on heresphere. Its pretty much exactly the same as pairing with scriptplayer. Once you get the syncplayer app, go to settings and enable vr mode. Then the program will restart and you can put the ipaddress and port that matches your heresphere. Somewhere in settings of heresphere and peripheral devices.

For a quick method i used initially, i just dragged the entire vr folder and it just appeared in the player that it has a script

  1. Funscripts function the same. If the filenames are the same, just drag and drop both video file + funscript to the player. If they are diff, you need to play the video file first in the syncplayer first. Once its playing, you can drag and drop the additional funscript you want. Any you can pick and switch which one you want activated.

*Not my pic. Just found this somewhere.

This is good for testing. In my opinion, it might not feel good if you just use the funscript as is because of the nature of the syncbot. You can try to invert the script and check it out. Its a very diff experience. So 1 normal and 1 inverted. Check out which feels better and you can just switch on the fly. Might be tricky if youre on vr tho.

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I wouldn’t buy a syncbot for vr or funscript use in general. It has a ~2" stroke length, which is about half of the handy, and even less compared to OSR. So, the up-down axis for scripts made for those devices (the majority of what’s available) will be moving half as much (or less) than the scripter intended. The 1 to 1 movement immersion I think most people want from vr scripts just isn’t possible on that device.

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You are right. Scripting for syncbot is entirely diff. Converted scripts might feel ok but not the same as strokers. I often say syncbot is not a stroking device. It uses the strokes to generate the suction that makes it feel that it goes deeper than it normally does. Its really hard to experience unless you try it.

Specially its a big ask. If you are just a downloader and nort willing to tinker a bit with the script, you might have a bad time cuz most of the scripts here are designed for strokers. Same thing for vibration devices like lovense gush or pulse solo interactive. You cant do the short movements justice without exaggerating the points so you gotta strengthen the points and also invert some points. It will take time because we’re still learning how to best script for the syncbot but im liking my results so far. Hopefully the more people use the device and script it, you’ll have a better experience. The suction is really something. I stopped using my launch and osr. Its my main device since i got it. Theres some magic going on with the suction when they deepthroat and it feels like theyre getting deeper and deeper and doesnt feel like it wont stop. Its wild.

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First of all, thank you for such an in-depth response to my questions earlier. Unfortunately, I think I would fall under the category of being a downloader, but if the SyncBot software is pretty intuitive, I’d definitely give scripting for it a shot. Especially if it’s still in early adoption phases. Are there many human-created scripts for the SyncBot right now?

You can start by inverting the scripts. That alone is already a big plus. Another thing is you can increase the stroke length a bit. As far as how many scripts there are, its quite few. I bet people are still figuring out how to make it feel better but all the stuff i make are going to be with syncbot in mind. You can go to free scripts and click ona syncbot tag and it will show you a few stuff posted. Its either a fix on an already uploaded existing script but made better for syncbot.

Edit: You can increase the strokelength because some scripts are scripted by accuracy in mind for strokers. so minor movements dont have much bearing. you can ask for tips and discuss with us either here or the syncbot server.

I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for all your insight.

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