Syncbot weird stutter

To anyone who has a syncbot. Does anyone encounter this issue? It always stutters at random times and im right next to the dongle. I even tried to test a “metronome like” script where its constant strokes. It still stutters. The first video here is the attached heatmap. 2nd vid is much worse when the strokes get a bit faster. -edit I just switched the vid around so its the right order as my comment lol. Also, the 18sec clip, the stutter happens around 6 sec in when i put my finger near the device-


Run it with your Task Manager on top. I noticed that their browser and player like to go heavy with the CPU. They constantly max my CPU for no reason. It could be that your computer can’t keep up and therefor it is lagging.

Let me know if that’s accurate for you.

Nope. The video plays fine and its smooth. Both my gpu and cpu didnt even hit 10% usage. it maxed at 8% and the device still stutters. I even set the syncplayer priority to high

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