Syncbot - Where do I get the Syncplayer?

Hey all,
I just received a Syncbot and have no idea where I get the Syncplayer or scripting tools from.
I’ve messaged their support team and am awaiting a response, but as you can imagine am keen to try this thing out :smiley:


I believe you have to go to their Discord and ask for a download link since the SW is still beta. At least that’s what I recall from threads about the Syncbot a month or two back.


Damn, hopefully support can send me an invite.
Thanks man - I appreciate the info :+1:

Sentinal is right about going through their discord. The have a channel that is nothing more than people asking for which software they are looking for and a person from V&T responding with I will DM you.

But I don’t think that you need an invite to get in. I don’t have a syncbot but I joined their discord to keep an eye on it.

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