Syncbot X Eroscripts - Funscript to 3D script local converter now in internal testing!

Aggresive has a negative connotation for me, I rather call it intense. But with the sliders you can decrease the intensity. Plus side is that the battery goes a very long way, never ran out actually. And I could edge for hours. The only thing I like to see improved in the app is to create own patterns just like in the lovense app. Just slide with your finger over the screen type of patterns. And the rotation is the most intense. I like to have it even slower than the slowest setting right now, also with a setting that it will just rotate veeeery slow and just spins round without stops.


how can you do that

There’s a control panel at the bottom of syncplayer when a video is playing:


Click the icons to completely turn that type of motion on/off, or adjust the intensity with the sliders.

I think from left to right it’s: Twist (lower section), Spin (upper section), and Thrust (only on/off, no slider yet).

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So true. The spin motion of the top section is the killer for me. It’s too much direct stimulation of the head.

Really nice when you need to push yourself over the edge though.

I feel like the skill barrier is in finding the right videos that have an appropriate amount of speed of the action, and then see where to adjust the spin motion so that you can feel it during much of the motion, without it being too fast. When you find that… bro

I’m hoping they implement the suggestions I put into the Discord in regards to dynamically adjusting the power% on the rotation and the suction, so that it can match different video types.

ex. you might want it at 50% rotation intensity for a handjob like 30% suction, or a throatfuck scene with 50% rotation and 80-100% suction. Maybe for vaginal you put like 60% suction and 30% rotation intensity, but for anal you bump it up to 50% rotation intensity so that you really feel it.

Also, if the girl is tighter or really sucking and putting some tongue in there instead of just blowing, you can jack up the suction to 100%.

So far, slow deep scenes have quite good and some of my favorites, as well as anything music-based due to customizing the intensity accordingly.


Hey I just got a syncbot. Can I get the converter?

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What if i cant see controls

Not a problem! I will DM you now~

I will DM you with instructions :slight_smile:

Btw if i am correct i need to have syncbot connected to see that or not

Not for me. One thing to note is that those controls only show up in the newer versions of SyncPlayer. If you’re running the version that came bundled with the device, it won’t have them, and you need to update the software (unfortunately, not super easy, as you need to ask for the update on discord or in DMs with the staff).

Also, the controls are only displayed when a video is playing. I just checked and the controls are available even when the syncbot is not connected.

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Hi Hikikomori, we have noticed your issue. It appears that you have not updated to our latest SyncPlayer version, which is and above. I have sent you a DM with instructions. Thank you for choosing Syncbot.


thank you for help i installed version then updatet to but in this version i couldnt drag mp4 files to the syncplayer so i downgraded to and now everything is ok

Hello, I have also ordered a Syncbot, could I get access to the converter? Also, could you please send me instructions on how to upgrade the firmware (if I need this in your opinion)? Thanks!

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Yes absolutely! I have send you a DM :slight_smile:

I just got a syncbot, can I get the converter please?

Hoiii! I just got mine in! Could you please send the converter?

holy f*** syncbots are geting popular and i know why


Alright guys you got me convinced, I’m ordering one.


Sure thing!