Syncscript Funscript Conversion Question - Axises

I recently got a Syncbot and have a question about using funscripts with it.

I know the player can read funscripts, but I’m a little confused on how the multiple axises are created. Hoping someone can clarify for me.

  1. With a single funscript (up/down only) the player adds rotation and contraction on its own. Is this just random movement every time there is a stroke or does something smarter happen?

  2. How are multiple axis funscripts read? I see some syncscript creators script each axis separate then merge them into one syncscript. Is the player able to do that or is it another program? If the player can convert it, what scripts are used for each motion? I assume the regular .funscript is stroke and .twist is rotation, but what T-Code axis maps to contraction?

I believe they are generated based off the main funscript. I remember getting very fast rotation when there’s rapid vibrations scripted on the main axis, so these might be correlated.

It only reads .syncscript.

I believe you need to register with them as a “scripter” in order to use their conversion software. You make 3 funscripts and put them into the program, map them to each axis and they’ll be merged into one syncscript.

Which means T-Code naming convention doesn’t matter - they are not using T-Code anyway.

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