Syncydink End Of Maintenance

I’m officially shutting down development on Syncydink. Not that I’ve updated it much in the past 2 years, but now I can at least stop saying I have plans on doing it in the future.

Basically the app is just trying to do too much, and is impossible to update. It needs a rewrite and probably also to be multiple apps instead of trying to be an all-in-one deal. Also, there are much better projects out there these days by people who actually give a shit about video sync (which I totally don’t).

The application site will stay up but will no longer see updates. It’ll still talk to Intiface Desktop, but the embedded hardware support (which most people use on mobile) will not see updates.

If you feel like trying to take the project on yourself, feel free, repo will be archived (which just means no more commits/issue filing) but is at GitHub - qdot/syncydink: A web based video player that supports multiple viewing modes, haptic formats, and output devices.

There’s more info and a guide to what you might want to work on if you fork it here: On Forking Syncydink · Issue #85 · qdot/syncydink · GitHub


sad news but totally understandable @qdot - Syncydink was a fantastic site that did alot things nothing else could.

Great news that people can still keep using it that have been using it which are plenty and I know that personally, but for sure focus on what you have time for yourself and what you enjoy yourself. Props on making it in the first place! :ok_hand:

Really am hoping that someone takes it over, but honestly, someone should just notch out the parts that no one else does yet and make those into apps. Syncydink was crazy ambitious in the amount it got done, but that came with the complexity that caused it to be unmaintainable now. :expressionless:


Any chance someone has a fix for the “Enable VR” function on android Chrome?

There’s some fixes in the PRs for that I think, so if someone just wanted to pull those in and stand up an instance, it might fix them.


Well by comparison I’ve only just dipped a toe in the water so to speak but Syncydink was and still is my go-to since most of my consumption for this content was on my phone. So thank you for taking it this far and I’m glad we can still use it moving forward.

Can u give me some links to working versions for Android please!!!
I mean an App for Android where u can watch Videos with a Funscript that syncs with the Handy.