Synonyms / Duplicate Tags

I’ve noticed some tags means nearly the same but worded differently, whilst all sharing a fair amount of topics under. Which makes me struggle choosing between. (given the tight limit of 6 tags)

Some tags that could be synonyms
#animation / #animated / #cgi
#riding / #cowgirl
#non-nude / #clothes-on

If there are any practical differences between those please enlighten me

CGI and animation are different things for me at least. Animation is more cartoonish style while CGI is more “realistic” e.g., 3D models from games. But I agree that there are quite a few duplicates overall. That’s the challenge with community managed forums.

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I noticed that you can check the detail of a tag.

It also mentions “synonyms”.

Is this a feature that we can utilize?

Yes and I think this can be edited by admins.

Would any site staff love to start using this feature? I think it’s worth starting with #animated and #animation.

I’ve merged animated into animation, and non-nude into clothes-on.

idk about riding and cowgirl though

Not sure whether every riding is a cowgirl, but cowgirl is definitely a type of riding.

Probably merge #cowgirl into #riding? :thinking: It will get rid of the gender specifity as well.

But cowgirl is the established name for the position. Riding isn’t.

Right. I believe the synonym feature can work the other way around (merging #riding under #cowgirl )

Problem with the site is, there’s more topics tagged with #riding (1290) than #cowgirl (865). And I believe these two tags are used interchangeably for most occasions. People tend to choose one between the two due to tag number limit.

Riding contains both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Riding simply refers to a riding position where someone is clearly on top as if its riding the other. But does not look at direction, where cowgirl does.

Indirectly riding can even include doggy style as its a very similar position to how dogs ride each other.
For humans it doesnt realy look like riding though because in these cases the man is often standing straight upward, instead of bending forward. And yes, that detail matters. If standing straight, the prey can move away from you, as it doesnt carry you. If bended forward, you generaly apply weight to the back of the other, so when she moves, you will still stay on top.
But on that, i dont think a riding video where you can only see the back of the face of the one you are riding is going to be interesting.

If cowgirl and riding get combined, doggy should be included there as they are a very similar style of positioning.

And gender specifity is something you cant realy exclude in sex. The entire idea of sex by nature is to have 2 diffirent genders for reproduction. The cases where this isnt demanded are on that just an exception, and often covered by their own tags (gay, trans, futa, lesbian). And those can be combined already.

I wasn’t trying to get political about the etymology, all I tried to pointed out is that #riding can be a more generalized term to refer to such position where one’s on top the other. And therefore could make a better term to be used in tags. But as you’ve said, it could also be too broad to include other pisitions as well (#doggy).

From my interpretation #cowgirl can be considered a sub-category of #riding. Ideally cowgirl scenes should have both tags at the same time. However OPs tend to choose one over the other due to tag number limitations. As a result if one wants to look cowgirl scenes, 2 tags need to be used at the same time, and that could include some anomalies as well due to the ambiguity of #riding.

Unless the tag feature evolves into a booru imageboard fashion (which allows a massive number of tags with parent-child relations, describing the content in much detail), I think there needs to be a community effort to standardize a few terminologies used.

The solution should be that when riding is requested, it has all subcategories included in them, but with cowgirl, it should not have all riding videos and only display that specific subcategory.

(Also, about the etymology part, cowgirl is actualy a very rare case of naming as most sex positions are gender neutral. And technicaly does allow cowboy as its counterpart. Which as synonym in this case would actualy be fine. Strapon riding makes gender neutral on that side, yet in some gay relations, they still name each other the boy and girl, which even here means that both names have overlap. there is no technical restriction here, and therefor probably would still need a seperate tag in for example lesbian cases. I think this solution would be acceptable)

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This will be ideal, though I’m not sure if Discourse currently offers such feature.

It seems like there exists a parent tag feature, but likely won’t help. Say admin set #riding as the parent tag of #cowgirl, it will enforce tagging #riding before #cowgirl becomes available. I imagine it will only result in people abandoning #cowgirl because they don’t know it exists, or they’ve hit the tag number limit.

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