Tagging/Cataloguing solutions for large collections

My collection of scripts and videos are starting to get quite large. My scripty folder has over 10,000 files in it, and although a lot of that is the script players themselves and a few other utility programs, there’s definitely over half of that being the scripts themselves. I haven’t even seen most of these, I’m just a bit of a data hoarder and grab every collection I can. This has left me with a bit of an issue finding something to actually use, and I end up going back to the same ten or twenty scripts.

I’d like to go in and make a tagging system to catalogue everything so I can sort of choose whatever I fancy at the moment without needing to remember any specific files. Has anyone tried to tag large collections of videos? Do you have anything you would recommend software or workflow wise? Any suggestions for tags and things you’d like to share?

I guess this can serve as a general discussion for a “how to browse when you’ve got way too much content” thread.

For tagging photos and videos I use ACDSee Photo Studio (It’s not free software)
If you want a free alternative I used Advanced Renamer. It’s best way to change names in bulk. You can make a list of private shortcuts (for example “ftjb” for footjob etc.), add ftbj on ends of video and script name. After that you can easy find that in windows by just searching “ftbj”. Also you can change folders names, so if you have folder with video and script, you can als change names in bulk.

I use plex for that :slight_smile:

Take a look at the Stash for 2d and XBVR for VR

@Husky Do you know if there is a way to get XBVR to automatically recognize and match alternative file names? My entire catalog of videos are named studio-actress(es)-video name-displaysettings.mp4 and matching all of them manually is just to big of a hassle for it to be worth it.

I don’t think there is any other way then matching them manually. Maybe someone on their discord could help and prove me wrong.