Tags for 8k Videos

I’d love to have 8k as a tag, there are a lot of great 8k videos out there, and I pretty much always prioritize resolution over studio or actors these days, it’s tough I was spoiled by 8k and can’t go back, would love to be able to search for them easier!

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What do you have the privilege to enjoy 8K on? I feel like 4K doesn’t get enough appreciation still but that’s just my opinion.

8K would defiantly be cool.

Sorry I’ve been away for awhile. I’m not sure what you mean? 8k videos are on Slr, vrporn, many of the other studios channels too, then load them up on a quest (or any other headset that’s come out in the past 5 years) on standalone or pc (streaming or local) through one of the video playing apps. There’s no privilege at work it’s very accessible. If you’re used to only 4K, oh my goodness, please try an 8k video, it’s night and day clarity difference. If you are talking about flat videos though yeah 4K is plenty, VR resolution is per eye, so an 8k VR video is 4K per eye, a 4K video is 2k per eye etc. So if you want good clarity in vr, 8k is essential imo


Really not getting what you are after here. 8k video has nothing to do with Funscript. Most studios doing 8k are just upscaling anyway, and all seem to offer multiple formats. I have no idea what video resolution has to do with a Funscript website.

In VR, where 8k is most utilized, bitrate seems to matter a lot more than resolution, at least on the Quest 3. I sometimes find 6k video better than 8k. Bitrate, lighting, color, and scale are kind in VR. It’s possible that someone with a Pimax and a 4090 will find different, but I have seen plenty of compressed 8k videos at 8gb file size get destroyed by other studios doing 6k or 7k at 15gb plus file size. This is even less meaningful on a Quest 2, where I couldn’t tell the difference for anything above 6k, and 8k might actually stutter.

BTW, if you are using XBVR you can see the resolution of any scene you’ve downloaded. And probably the resolution of scenes you haven’t downloaded, if the proper tags were provided and scraped. If doing 2d stuff, it’s possible stash/stash app can provide you with what you’re looking for. Again, video resolution has nothing to do with funscripts.

I request the tag for 8k for the same reason someone would request any other tag, to filter the scripts based on category. Example: I’d like to download scripts for some 8k videos, so search an 8k tag and have scripts for videos that offer 8k resolution pop up, I’m not sure what’s confusing there… There are a lot of scripts to sort through, knowing which ones match to videos with a specific resolution would be very helpful.

Also you’re absolutely right. Certain 8k videos don’t look great compared to other videos with higher bitrate and a lower res. But this is the exception not the rule as this is largely dependent on studio. Taking out the studio variable, if you took 500 6k videos and 500 8k videos all from Czech vr, the 8k wins in clarity every time…. handily. I’ve never heard someone argue against higher res in vr, especially when we are still far from the point of diminishing returns.

Your comment on the quest 2 is interesting, I always saw a massive difference between 6 and 8k when I used that headset, never any stuttering. Sound like a pc hardware issue if you aren’t running standalone.

And yeah xbvr is the bomb. Kind of negates the need to go searching for scripts like before but hey I made this request back in October before I even knew about xbvr.

The only videos likely have an 8k version are VR videos, and there are always lower-resolution versions as well. A script isn’t specific to the 8k version.

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Yep I’m talking about vr videos strictly, and yes all 8k videos have lower resolution options. But on the inverse, alot/most lower resolution videos do not have 8k option, that’s why it would be nice to know which videos on the site do have an 8k option so if you’re looking only for scripts for a library of 8k videos, you don’t have to search through all the videos that don’t or dig and see if they do.

Not sure how much of a priority it is for people over other tags. There’s a 6 tag limit, and I presume you’d want every 8k video to include the tag, so for some topics people might have to exclude other tags that would be prioritized higher by more users.

I do see the utility of having a tag for finding the highest fidelity content, so maybe it’d make sense for the forum.

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Me posting a script in year 2025:
#7680*4320 #00:45:23 #16:9 #25000kbps #MP4 #HEVC #AAC #Stereo #24-bit #320khz

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