"Tease" scripting, yea or nay?

A question aimed at mainly end usage of scripts.

In videos where there is an amount of rubbing hands/genitals over coverings, like clothing, sheets, etc. Would you prefer to have that action scripted or not ?
I’m on the fence on this one, as often there is a fair amount leading to “the big reveal”, and just as often there is a small amount of contact before the clothing comes off.

So, scripting movement for teasing contact over bedding/clothing…

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not bothered either way

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I voted “yes” but I think it depends. If teasing somehow leads to the action I would script it, but with gentler ~50% strokes. If it happens for a few seconds followed by a few minutes of no action I would skip it nowadays.


I would script it, too. I mean, you still feel it in reality, right?
On top (could only be me), when I want things to happen and I´m already in whatever toy I use, I skip the nonscripted parts. Even if it´s just for the chance of going flat again, depending on how long this teasing goes on. So in the end it´s also a matter of practicality


I prefer the approach of having sort of small movements to more suggest the contact than actually do any significant strokes. Especially when it’s stuff like them sitting on your lap. Yeah, sure, you should probably have some kinda response to that, but if them sitting on your lap feels the same as being balls deep, it totally messes up the point of having a tease in the first place.



DingDong gets touched = it get scripted :sweat_smile:


My take is to not script these actions. Instead, add some non synced warm up strokes. I would time the warm up to end as the action starts.

I def like to feel some lower intensity over-the-clothes strokes like that during the lead up to the ‘reveal’ when the action turns up, and it sorta keeps me going. Even some of the more indirect touching like Sinibus mentioned (lap sitting), I enjoy a little bump there personally for immersion and stuff. I tend to skip through completely still sections.