Tech Collection For Sale

Hey everyone, I’m new to here but not to the scene. I’m moving and I have to part with my collection. Everything is in excellent and clean condition. Slightly used but well kept. I am an electronics engineer by trade and have taken good care of all my devices. I have a Handy, Keon, OSR2 Frame and misc. components, as well as an Onyx Plus Realm Edition. I know, I know, I got carried away. You will have to get your own “inserts and whatnot” obviously. DM me if you have any questions or interest. I haven’t really thought of prices but it seems like a big waste to throw it all away. I was curious about these devices not too long ago and thought I could help someone out. I’d prefer to send them to one person but I’ll consider otherwise should it be accompanied with a fair offer.


Hope someone picks up your set! Best of luck to ya on the move my man

Thanks Dude. I actually have received more responses than I anticipated. I think everything is going to find a new home lol. Peace all.