Tenga spinner for handy

Hi, the default sleeve with the handy it too powerfull for me. I’m using it inside out and it’s better but sensation are not really great. I saw on the handy website that the tanga spinner is working with the handy. Do you have some feedback ? There is 6 type of tenga spinner which one is the best ?

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If you install a onahole or fleshlight holder for Handy, almost anything below 500g can be used as a sleeve.
But since you enjoy soft types, I recommend the 01 tetra spinner(the blue one).


You probably want to go with one of the soft versions. Brick and Beads are nice. You might also want to give The Handy Gen 2 sleeve a try

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The Spinners are more intense than the Handy Sleeve IMO. Also the Spinners are not open ended and create a lot of suction. A lot of times mid-way script you’ll have to adjust to so it slides properly again. I enjoy the Spinner a lot for shorter BJ scenes as it usually doesn’t have to be adjusted for those. I know some people cut the back end off to fix this issue, but I haven’t done this yet.

On the otherhand I found the Handy Gen II sleeve to be less intense as it has more room and gets caught on the bumps rather than sliding at fill intensity. It kind of stretches instead of pulling the texture all the way over.

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Didn’t care for the handy sleeve myself, you should look into the Fleshlight quick shot pulse.


I purchased a Tenga Spinner and tried to use it with my Handy. Your miles may vary but if you’re on the girthier end of things the Spinners are pretty uncomfortable. That’s been my experience with just about all Tenga products, sadly. I think they are just designed for thinner penises than mine.

The best sleeve I’ve used is the Fleshlight Quickshot turbo by a long shot.


I use the Fleshlight Skins Grip Ice since years.
Best shit! Feels like a real Pussy.
I use it with the Waterglide lube + my Spit.


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That is my favorite sleeve. Have you tried it with Gun Oil H2O? I am wondering how this lube compares.

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Not yet. GUN OIL H2O is on my list. Will tell u when i tried it out!

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I have all 6 and I really like them. Here is my post on /r/thehandy. As I mention, what I have struggled with is how tight many of the sleeves are. I like the ones that are a bit looser. You should check out my setup in the post below, it has really made the handy more enjoyable.

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Seconding this, I bought a spinner (the shell I think? the green one) to use with the handy. you won’t have any issues strapping it with the basic strap. Only issue with that setup is that it doesn’t spin very well when it’s strapped and tends to hold on very tightly to the point where it doesn’t slide and just kinda pulls on your skin.

As for the spinner itself, a bit too hard for me, somewhat painful. it’s a shame, the insides feel very nice, but if you’re a little girthy, the hard plastic that makes it spin just ends up creating too much of a “death grip” effect.


ahh the little spinny twirly plastic things inside eh? not preferable but 100% possible to bite the end of either side of the string & pull (there are two of them). it’s MUCH softer that way. obviously less spinny as well - would recommend skipping all these steps & buying a different product lolol

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Well thanks for all your replies I order the number 1 will see if it feel good and not too hard

the case for the quick shot causes it to slip out after a little bit and if I don’t use the cause it rubs the material and degrades the material. any tips?

Got the spinner Brick with Handy and got very low sensation…
I would very much love to be much sensible :cry:
also i found the spinner quit better than the original !

hmm I haven’t had that experience with the quickshot. I use mine caseless and with the standard Handy strap. I did replace my strap a few months ago and noticed that the new one worked better then the original one my device came with. It’s just the one that they sell on theHandy official store

I keep getting micro tears, btw I have the RR quickshot. Quite of meateral has been rubbed off, but yes the best toy to use with the handy is a quickshot.(maybe a 100% silicone stroker) https://g-silicone.com/product/offbeat/#reviews :smiley:

you know what, I’ll try this, I already did cut one of the “strings” to try and make it less tight but it didn’t help. guess I’ll just bite the bullet and go all in.

So I removed the plastic tabs, still kinda hard, but definitely much better. I was afraid that the amount of force I needed to use to pull them out would rip the sleeve apart but no, it’s all good.

Thanks for the tip!

Oh it takes a lot of force to get them out, I’ve done it to every spinner they make with the exception of two that werent brutal but i don’t remember which ones sadly. Honestly so far my favorite has to be the handy soft open ended sleeve. I just wish it was closed - the damn thing is entirely too loud i sound like somebody is walking around with soaking wet shoes on😂

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