Testing on scripts?

Hello EroScripts!

Sometimes when i look through my scripts and play them, i find that i often need to wait a bit for myself to gather a more critical opinion of my own scripts, resulting in me getting impatient, releasing, and uploading new versions.
So i was wondering if there could be like a testing section (maybe with some entry requirement), where you could perhaps have people willing to test scripts or scripts wanting testing?
I could naturally also just annoy Mosiac by randomly messaging him “Hey u wanna try script plz thank gib feedback” (perhaps dont do this).
I cannot fix my own impatience don’t even suggest this :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


There was a section for it, called “Script Feedback”, but it got removed, due to low usage.

It’s a good question, where to get your script tested or looked over before the release.