Thank you Eroscripts! (Small Event)


I have been here for about 3 months now.

But I was really happy with all these attention and support toward my script!

As a thx to everyone who loved my scripts, I’ve prepared a small event for everyone who loved my script! :tada:

I am planning to make a compilation video and a script as a gift for everyone!

If you have a short video, animation or hentai clip that you wanted a script for it, I will be glad if you send me the link or file for the compilation script!

Or, you can just leave a simple comment on what character you would like to see! (I can look for a video that contains that character)

I have also posted the same thing on my Patreon:
You can also leave a opinion about this event even your not a patron!

As always, thank you guys for all this support and interest towards my script!

Eroscripts forever~

My email:

Don’t worry even I don’t reply to your suggestions

I might be sleeping or busy checking all the mails!


Should we post the stuff here or email only? (Feel a bit bad to post stuff as a lurker, though^^)

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Email is totally fine with me! I actually prefer email :+1:


thanks for all the scripts you share, and thanks for putting this together :tada:

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Currently got about 20 clips! gonna start putting them together. (mostly MMD)


Is there a general theme to the clips you are looking for or have so far? I don’t want to suggest something that detracts from what you are planning or already have

Thx for asking!

I would say… anything besides real life porn.(because of Patreon)

Because I am trying to make 2 version out of it.
1 with plain normal genre, 1 with all the minor kink s.(futa, furry, etc.)

The minor kink video might not be made if I don’t get enough clips for it.

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