The B-League 🏆 - Grand Final + match for 3rd place!

Hello everybody!

The finals and the match for 3rd place are here! Now it’s all in your hands, who will be the winner of the very first tournament.

Check out the full results from the best of 4 round >here<

At the same time, I am looking for your video suggestions!

Show who you voted for and at the same, post a video, that you would like to see get scripted by me. I will look through all of your suggestions and pick the videos I think are most fitting. If you agree witch a video suggestion from a user, give it a :heart: so I can see, that a lot of people want to see that specific video gets scripted.

Everyone can suggest one video per vote. So one video for the final and one video for the match for 3rd place.

Only requirement for your suggestions: No paid video, video isn’t already scripted.

As a reminder:

:1st_place_medal: → 3 scripts
:2nd_place_medal: → 2 scripts
:3rd_place_medal: → 1 script

Thank you for your participation! We got a lot of votes in last time. Let’s get even more votes in now for the final! :slightly_smiling_face:

Community video-suggestions

Here are all the video the community suggested so far:



Tournament dates

(Dates can change, depending on how my availability is.)

Grand Final → 2021-12-18T23:00:00Z2021-12-23T08:00:00Z

Match for 3rd place → 2021-12-18T23:00:00Z2021-12-22T08:00:00Z

Bracket overview


Grand Final :1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal:

Shinaryen vs. lolly_lips

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Match for 3rd place :3rd_place_medal:

Freya Stein vs. Karneli Bandi

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Freya Stein:

Thank you for your votes and video suggestions so far. I link all the video suggestions in the main post to maintain a better overview on which video already got suggested.

Go ahead and post your suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

Also don’t forget to :heart: a video suggestion, if you like to see that video gets scripted as well. The more :heart: a post gets, the easier it is for me to choose videos.

One day left, until the 3rd place decides and two days for the finals!

Also, suggest videos you would like to see get scripted :slightly_smiling_face:

Match for place 3rd will end in 10 hours. :clock10:
Last chance to get your suggestions in!

Freya Stein made it to place 3! Tomorrow we’ll see, who will be the winner.

Last chance to get your votes in.

We have a winner. lolly_lips wins with 54% against Shinaryen.

Since I won’t have time scripting during the holidays, you can still suggest videos for lolly_lips and Shinaryen. Everyone can suggest one video for both. Again, no restrictions besides no paid video, no video, that already has been scripted.

Thanks to everyone, who participated in the first tournament.

Final Bracket


Community video-suggestions

Here are all the video the community suggested so far:





Hey, wanted to ask for an update. Are the scripts still coming?

Probably not. There wasn’t much response for that tournament overall and only three people suggested videos. So I feel like it’s nothing people are interested and something they want to see. Then I don’t see a reason making six scripts, which takes a lot of time and effort doing, when nobody really cares about it.

Overall I don’t see myself releasing any more scripts. It’s very frustrating, when you don’t get much response overall and it feels like I wasted my time on it. I once had the same feeling after releasing the Angel series. After that I didn’t wanted to continue. Then the script automation tool came and I wanted to try it and started again. But now I have the same feeling again, that it’s just not worth the time and effort.

Mostly people just want to grab some stuff for free - which is okay. But I like to get some response as a creator. When you create something and give it to a community for free, you want to get responses. That’s what keeps the creator motivating to continue the work and keep it free for all. I also like the interaction with the community. That’s why I started with votes. I like to get question, feedback, suggestions and stuff like this. But there is not much interaction in here. Most people just want to grab some free scripts and that’s it. Again, that is absolutely okay. But people seem to forget how much time it takes to create a script. And the lacking of response and appreciation for the time and effort I put into this kills my motivation to keep going.

So, I probably wont script this six scripts. I really wanted to and was looking forward to it. But I lost all my motivation (again). Sorry for that though.


I totally get it. Have had the same feeling when posting scripts. Only did six scripts but in my last three there have been total two replies. No improvement suggestions on any of them.

For me it’s easier to get motivated by (1) I want to experience this vid myself so scripting it and (2) I got so many great scripts from this community so want to give something back. Rather than expecting interaction or encouragement.

Hope you will find you motivation again some time. Very much enjoyed your scripts!

Yup - When I see something like 200+ downloads with 1 reply, it really is kind of sad. It takes literally 20 seconds to type a meaningful thank you without being a leech. I wish that downloading a script required a 20 word response in order to unlock the link.

I’m really sorry that you feel this way and agree that it isn’t worth your time and effort if you’re feeling that people are simply leeching your hard work. Thank you for what you’ve scripted and hope you try again someday. (I had fun checking out the gals you included in the tournament and voting FWIW)

All good, I can understand that.

Thank your the replies and for understanding.

I also went for this mindset and it helped. A lot of the scripts I wanted to script for myself and then just released them, because why not. The script bundles are good example of it. I was pretty sure it’s probably nothing for the masses, but I wanted to make them for myself.

I do agree in a way. A little thank you also means a lot. I don’t think it should be required to download a script though. Mostly because it would lead to “thank you’s” which are not honest. It would just be a phrase, so the people are able to download. I rather have a honest “thank you, I really like this script.” than a not honest “thank you”, because it is required to download the script.

Same. I really really like this kind of system and the community interaction. I originally wanted to do more stuff like this, but with more variety. Like different kind of tournaments with different themes all the time.

The problem overall is, I want to do scripts, that the community likes. Like I said above, I also do the scripts for myself and release them alongside. But my priority is to make scripts, that the community likes and wants. If a script of mine gets low views and downloads, I consider it a waste of time and don’t have much motivation continuing. I don’t want to blame the community for it. It’s mostly a problem, that comes from my mindset. The Eva Elfie script I did ~1 year ago, was my moment, when I really got into it. Till now it’s very successful and of the most viewed threads in the free scripts section. Of course not all scripts will be as successful, but I wanted to deliver more scripts like this. Because it was obviously something, that the community liked and wanted to see.

I do think though, that the general topic doesn’t give much room for interaction. You are just posting a script from a porn video for automated toys.

Mh if you do something like this again, maybe a voting of 3-5 Videos (videos you pick) or so from the performers at the end? And you can look at the FreeScripts section what is approximately well received and that helps you to choose the videos?

thats bad news :frowning: but i can understand… ( even if im one of “these most people” )
thank you for sharing all your scripts for free, especially your angel series, my all time favorite scripts :slight_smile: (thx for picking “older” videos of her)

The Angel series was also on of my favorite thing to script. A lot of variety in it and her videos are very good. Also the whole voting before was very fun and I got a lot of video suggestions and after that a lot of votes, choosing the videos to script.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame anyone for just taking a script and not commenting on it. People maybe don’t feel like posting on the internet, which is understandable. I also never post anything. Using reddit for years and made like 5 comments somewhere and later I even deleted them ^^ This is the first community in ~ 15 years, where I actively participate. The internet back in the days wasn’t so toxic like it is now. I am very sensibel when it comes to toxicity.
When I see a script I like, I also don’t comment (anymore) on that. I give it a :heart: though, that’s what I always do, when I like a script.

I’d rather see a system, that would encourage the community to interact more. I don’t know if there is a way to make interaction worth and how it could be implanted, but that’s what I would like to see the most.

Yes, that’s a good idea and something that would work. Though, it’s not easy to “read” what the community likes. My very first votes where like that. I picked videos from different models and let the community vote, which video to script. After a while I found it hard which videos to pick and wanted to get suggestions for models and videos. That’s where the DickForLilly and Angel series came from.

My hope is, that the community grows. With grow, there is a higher chance for more interaction. Whenever this will be, I’d love to make votes, contests and stuff like this again. Because it was the most fun I had when it came to scripting.