The best handy sleeve is: No Sleeve!

So, there is a thread about Handy sleeve alternatives. This is the anti-sleeve thread though :grin: As there is one more option, which I’m not aware if it has been tried or mentioned by other, however I found that in many cases even better than using any sleeves.

That is: Using NO sleeve!

Curious, if others have tried that too.

Why a sleeve may not always be the best option?

Well, for some sleeves may stimulate too much of the penis. Some sleeves may also not feel as natural for some people or may cause an ejaculation too soon. And besides the mess with fixating it or lubricating it…

How can be no sleeve better?

It may actually improve the sensations by sometimes making them feel even more natural, as the skin may be moved by the smaller action elsewhere on the penis and other times allow you to enjoy things longer. This is especially true for those which enjoy more the act, than the result.

So, there are two ways to do this. Either use the sleeve holder tight enough but not too tight around the penis or make it quite far so it touches but not tight. It’s important to notice here, that this could cause you to be hurt, especially if not placed carefully as it can rub directly the skin and cause bruises. Be very careful about that. But this usually can be avoided if a little lube is applied and first tested with some slow action until figuring out how it works best. So there is a point where it would end up to be too tight (always leave at least some space for at least some free movement) or be not wide enough, in which both cases it could cause harm. Be aware and cautious of that! It is best positioned so it won’t go all the way up (especially on the wide setup).

It makes for sure for a very different experience, especially while in VR and mostly the pmv scripts and the likes.

Well I’m not sure if I’m explaining it understandably, but I hope I do.

And the best part is: No sleeve cleaning afterwards (I hate this!).

Oh and as bonus: Just place it with a blanket between you and the handy… :wink: Tried that one time I was very lazy and the sleeve holder was in the washing machine. Of course, you’re not gonna use the sleeve holder either here.

But again, as this is not “using it as intended”, be cautious of the possibilities you may harm yourself. Though, using it with sleeves isn’t necessarily less “dangerous”, as you may know, if ever the handy grabbed your skin “under” …

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No. No no no. If you’re reading this and thinking “maybe…” JUST STOP.

This is 100% got to be a troll


To each their own, I myself am not trying to rip my dick off


So a couple of tips…if you choose to try this. After a bit of experimenting:

  1. Change the handy stroke length to 60-70%
  2. Don’t use a water based lube, it dries to quickly. Use a non-water based, it will keep the sleeve holder slick enough.
  3. As suggested, don’t have the sleeve holder completely tight, leave some room to move.
  4. …and it does feel more like a handjob. Keep the stroke length to just the shaft feels like a handjob.
  5. Pick a good video that is just a handjob and blowjob, helps with the consistent strokes.
  6. Would it try it again, maybe. Using a sleeve is easier though. But fun experiment.
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Yeah, also add some sandpaper for that realistic feeling…


Why’d you think that? No trolling here.

If the handy is “too much” for someone with the original sleeve, than this actually IS an option. I can hold out with a woman for quite long, and even control my orgasm, but with this thing sometimes it just is too extreme for me.

That’s all quite right. Follow these tips and it works just fine. Additionally: It also depends on how you gonna place the Handy. It’s also correct, that it’s more of a handjob experience, which a sleeve (at least a closed one, couldn’t try open ones yet) won’t provide - that is, compared to a real handjob.

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Bro… I mean @BRomes :grin: Nobody asked you to experiment with it at 100% length and at 1000% speed - the thread is not called “your last strokes with handy” :rofl:

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@thejimy It’s a figure of speech, some will get it and some will not.


I feel like this would burn my dick off, maybe with slower stroke and speed

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