The Handy and overheating

Hi guys,

Doing this on reccomendation from Lucifie of the Handy discord…

How many of you have actually had trouble with your Handy over heating?

I am starting to think this is not a thing and more of a boogeyman idea that worries folks unnecessarily.

If you have not had any trouble - please say so here. A simple “nope” will do.

If you have however had some trouble, were you using a handfree mount method? Were you using a 3rd party sleeve? Did you hold the base just above your penis for more than say 30 minutes. What heat did you actually feel or did your unit shut down into protection mode?

I’ll check back next Saturday to do the maths and feedback. Thanks in advance friends.

A nope from me but to be fair, I have not used the Handy enough, only like 6 times, mostly just figuring it out the first 3 times.

With a hands-free mount: Nope
Before that (holding it in my hand): Once or twice (Original sleeve, held it close, red led)

It is true that it heats up well after a good while of use (more than 20 / 30mn), but for me, nothing alarming (the heating is not hot either).

I’ve had it get pretty warm, but only overheated with near an hour of use. I use it fairly frequently and only overheated a couple times.

Not that I should admit this but I do kind of a terrible job cleaning and doing maintenance on the machine, and it still has never overheated on me

I have not had a “overheating issue” but i have had issues others have had with “Ratcheting” like noise. I have also had a screeching noise on start up and i have to warm the Handy up by maxing its speed in manual mode to warm the bushings/bearings (First one being more likely). As a automotive mechanic by trade, I know its due to lack of lubrication and there is the Handy care and maintenance refering to greasing the machine. I refuse to believe that me, the customer, should have to do this in the first week of owning. Seems like a poor assembly process to me, but who am i to say.
Dont get me wrong, I love the device. Just a gripe I had.

No overheating. Always hands-free, 99% using scripts so it’s never on full blast for long periods.

With a mount: No overheating issues.

where can I get a mount?

longest use was around 90min, but never overheated on me once

I’ve never had it shut down, but I have noticed it get warm during longer sessions (hand free mounted)

Only had it overheat with a fleshlight and intense scripts, has happened maybe 4 or 5 times before i swapped it to a lighter sleeve, has happened both manual and mounted

No overheating yet, but has gotten really warm/almost to hot to have near skin for more then a few mins. don’t have a mount, and its only tends to get that hot once I have gone past the 30 min mark of use.

hour long sessions, never overheated.

I should say that I use low to medium speeds. Never red on the heat meter :open_mouth:

There are many DIY solutions out there but no official mount yet. This is mine, using Manfrotto super clamp, friction arm and quick release plate. Check the Handy discord channel for literally hundreds of other cool ideas.


I’ve had it overheat a couple of times, after about 45 minutes or so of a lot of use. Typically doesn’t happen. Yes, used a mount.

It definitely overheats, at the wrong time too! No mounts used and using the original sleeve with only a little lube, but it moves fine. Also mostly using a Cock Hero Script. Takes about 20-30mins and it will shut down with a Red light. Takes a few minutes for it to cool off and then it works again. As a software engineer I gotta ask, why aren’t you sending telemetry back when an overheat happens so you don’t have to ask us? You should also be able to send other metrics to identity why its overheating.

Thats a community question not a question from the devs.

Privacy concerns maybe?
I wouldn’t want a sex toy to automatically collect usage data.