The Handy customer service

Let me say that my tale on the handy customer service is non existent…
I bought one not even 2 months ago and the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections no longer work and it’s makes a loud grinding sound while in use and gets hung up and stuck.

I have been in contact with them and after discussion of a warranty replacement, communication has halted.
It’s now been alomoat 1 month since we’ve spoken.

Stay informed of companies before eating large amounts of money on their inferior product!


Hey! My name is Vitor, I’m with Tech Support for the Handy.

I’m really sorry to hear about this, sounds like you were having a bad time with getting help from us and that is not ideal. I’m reaching out to see if we can correct that.

If possible, can you DM in discord if you have it? I don’t think EroScripts has DMs but I want to personally located your email and take of the issue.

My Discord username is handyvitor and it should be the same profile picture I use here. Once you message me we can look into both helping you out and investigating why you were left hanging for so long ok?

Once more I apologize for this and hope we can rectify it now!
Hope to hear from you soon! :smiley:


We’ve been emailing back and forth since Early December and I have sent every bit of info you asked for… You say you didn’t receive anything from me since our last contact, well it was sent.
Here is an image of my invoice, with private info blacked out…
It shows order number, that should be all you need for a replacement or refund…
You will find my name and address on the invoice info via your company account O would think.
The total cost to me was $222.06

And here you have it…

So… you don’t use the Amazon refund or replacement function because?


He bought a Handy through Amazon, tried it for a couple days, decided he didn’t like it and tried to sell it here: Brand new Handy

Says he already dealt with Amazon which implies that he had already received a refund


Actually, if it your business, Amazon did NOTHING for me…
No I didn’t like it, that has nothing to do with a damaged unit and no company customer service to fix or replace it…

I kept it, used it and now it’s completely junk.
Doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, get hung up on the up and down extremes.
It’s junk and the company has abandoned me.

Customer service is non existent and after weeks of mails back and forth, has stopped communication and help.

Handy is a piece of crap and a waste of hundreds of dollars and their company doesn’t give a crap about their purchasers!

So gimme a break on what you THINK is the problem and mind your business…

Sure mate. Just contact them through Amazon and do it that way. Not sure why you try to do it through the Handy support itself even though you bought it from Amazon. I would love to read your mails you’ve written them, because it’s pretty difficult to understand you (not to mention you being rude to them) and maybe support doesn’t want to handle that kind of customer.

But as said, go through Amazon - the place you bought it from. I had a buddy also get a replacement through Amazon. I got my Handy through the Handy itself and no issues at all after more than 1000+ uses already. Not to mention most people on here using it as their main device and having no issues - so it’s not a trash product.


I guess it needs explaining that when you air your BS in an open forum like this you are inviting comment. Welcome to the internet.