The handy problem

I bought a handy.
When testing at low speeds, stutters appear in the low position. Does everyone have it?

edit. May some one make a similar video please?

Hadn’t noticed it before but mine does yes.

It’s the same for me, but only when there is no weight on it. As soon as I use a sleeve or press lightly with my hand, it goes away.

Here’s what it looks like to me, someone else feel free to weigh in if you think I’m wrong.

Those types of issues resolved for me after the first time I “lubed” up the internal screw inside the Handy. After that it was much more smooth and made less noise too. Having some of that around if you’re going to be using the Handy a lot is not a bad idea, it’s not expensive.

There’s instructions somewhere on The Handy website but basically you buy synthetic oil typically used for 3D printers. I bought mine off Amazon but there’s a variety of places and prices for it:

Basically you squirt a small amount on the internal screw, use a q-tip to get in there if you need. And then, with the handy unplugged, you move the thing up and down slowly to work the oil in.

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Agree with @Chris_Leo, except I use the Super Lube synthetic grease, part number 21030, instead of oil. Mine runs smoothly at slowest speed with no stutter even with no load. It also runs quieter and when I notice that it’s making more noise I know it’s time to relube. I don’t use a Q-tip to apply it because small “strings” of the cotton tip can come off in the grease and possibly get caught in the threads. Instead, I’ve found that a small flat tip screwdriver works well to get the grease to the internal screw through the slider slot if you’re careful. Putting a small dab of grease, about 1/2 the size of a pea, one above and one below the slider usually lasts several months for me.


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