The Handy question

Was thinking of upgrading to it from the Launch. Is it worth the upgrade? Also does anyone know or have any coupon codes going around for it?

100% better than the launch, go for it


If you sign up to The Handy newsletter you’ll get a code that gives you 7% off. Just scroll down a bit on .

But make sure you have a hands free solution for it. It’s not as easy to hold in position as the Launch because, while the mechanics are very similar, the housing is much smaller and open.

There are loads of solutions for hands free , and I just logged into czechvr and they have integrated handy into their website, superb job

Scriptplayer works with it right?

Scriptplayer works fine with the Handy.

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still going back and fourth on buying a handy myself, i see people on wankzvr forums talking about it coming loose often during use, some calling it a flaw in design? not sure just yet about grabbing one, but im open to having my mind made up for me if anybody has some glowing reviews :slight_smile:

The biggest issue with The Handy is the velcro on the strap if that is what you mean. They’ve improved it in later designs, but the real solution is one of two I would say. Either replace it with your own velcro or use one or two medium to small metal paperclips to keep the velcro from loosening. I do the latter and haven’t had any issues since.

yes thats it, if i grab one i’ll keep your paperclips solution in mind :slight_smile:

How it looks like for me. I’ve never had any issues with the velcro loosening after this, and I even use the original extra crappy strap where the velcro part is tiny. The “improved” version increased the size by 50-75%, but it’s still very small.

@sentinel for me the problem has often been that the sleeve just slips out of the velcro. on reddit someone posted about getting an injury from it because the sleeve got out as well as the penis and then the moving part from the handy got onto the penis…

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I uploaded a 3d printer file on here tha takes fleshlight sleeves and has a recess for std strap, works like a charm

Ok. My solution is only to avoid the velcro from loosen up so that it, as a consequence, don’t hold the sleeve/casing in place any more. If the friction between the sleeve and the strap is too low so that the sleeve won’t be held in place then that has to be addressed in another way.

@sentinel i mean if the velcro is loose, the sleeve will also be loose and most likely fall on the ground or something, so i guess your solution does help

its just an arm that forces a sleeve up and down, if ur gonna upgrade go with an vorze a10 cyclone, a feeling u cant easily reproduce)