The Handy Strap Mount For OSR2 - 3D Printing - Anyone Want?

Found intense scripts too much with most sleeves as they’re too tight, so I made a STL with the strap clip thing the handy uses but with the OSR2’s arms so it can be mounted. It’s worked really well as long as you print with strong settings.

So question is, would anyone else have a use for this? I’ve found it super useful for using a basic ‘cup’ type sleeve with the top cut off so it basically works as a handjob machine.


Sure, lets see what you got.

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Yeah I can’t quite visualise what you mean so I’d be curious to take a look, thanks

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I also don’t understand exactly what you mean. Could you possibly post some photos?

I’ve had the OSR2+ for a few weeks now. I don’t like the fleshlight. It’s too thick and because of that, too much feeling disappears for me. It also feels way too fake for me…
I really liked the handy with a thin sleeve.
So I immediately adapted an old fleshlight case so that it is now also just a sleeve holder like the handy with velcro.
So I still use the handy sleeves but with my OSR2+.

This works great and is easy to make. Anyone else doing this or interested in doing this?
Sorry I can’t take pictures at the moment. I’ll add that later…

It matters a lot what fleshlight sleeve you are using with OSR devices and sleeves have a break-in period. What sleeve were you using?


elaborate with pics pls

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Again, definitely interested, would like to use thinner sleeves with my new SR6 and not quite sure how to proceed

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Hey everyone, apologies for the delayed response, I’ll post up the STL file so you can take a look, basically it’s just the handy strap system (the part that the velcro straps into) along a beam with reinforcements on the side that connect to the OSR2 arms. I think it’ll make more sense while looking at the STL but basically what this open design (initally I thought about keeping the circular mounting system of the OSR2) I’ve found that if it’s open like this with nothing at the front, you can get really aggressive with the pitch so it’s on a crazy angle.

^Thought I’d include a preview picture so you don’t all have to download just to see what I’m on about.

Hopefully you guys can get some use out of it, I’ve found it to be much nicer using this. Please print with supports so the bottom is smooth, happy to advise on good print settings if anyone struggles.


Seeing a gap in the model. May end up printing as 2 pieces.

Weird, must’ve been an earlier file, I’ll check it over and correct.

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Thanks, looking forward to trying this out.

Here’s a corrected one, I’ll update post. Preview below. Hope people enjoy it.

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how do you replace that on the handy ? not gonna open mine up because warranty …

Printing now! Will post feedback

I think I’ll edit the title, it might be a bit misleading. This is meant for the OSR2, not the Handy. It just used the Handy’s mounting method.

@g90ak Let me know how you get on!

Thanks for the updates & photos. Cleverly made. :+1:
Of course you don’t have a ‘Twist’ that way and that makes the biggest difference in feeling I think.

As I said before I modified an old fleshlight case to use sleeves from the Handy and therefore also with Twist. Maybe someone can also draw this in 3D so that it can be printed with a 3D printer…

As promised here are my pictures… :slightly_smiling_face:

It is very simple and I made it in an hour.

Before you start sawing/cutting, you must first determine the correct position of the upright side (backplate) on which the handy strap holder will come.
You do this by first turning on your OSR2+, mounting the fleshlight case and then making sure the ‘Twist’ servo is in its zero (middle) position. Then you can mark the ‘backplate’ nicely in the middle at the back.
In this way, the holder will always stand nicely in the middle and at the back instead of along the side or in front. This is of course not necessary if you prefer it different…

When everything is marked, you can saw/cut. From the waste of the fleshlight case you then make a plate (strap holder) with two or four slots in it, depending on which velcro you are going to use…

Then just a wooden block, it is important that this has the exact thickness so that once everything is mounted, that the sleeve is completely centered. This way you get a correct ‘Twist’.

Hopefully this will help you guys. The experience is really much better this way :grinning:

Pictures :point_down:


Haha that’s quite some DIY you’ve done there. The more ideas and designs is always better. The reason I did mine so simply was

  1. Reduce the weight of the entire thing, needing it for a specific purpose I figured why have the servo’s working harder than they need to.
  2. For the use case I had in mind, I wanted it to be open so you can get some crazy pitch angles with it.
  3. I’ve actually built the twist but found myself never using it and instead printing a mount without it as it got so little use, your solution might fix that part if they sleeve is not as aggressive, the twist might be worthwhile again.

cup - Copy
This was one of the reasons I went for this design, you can buy 3 of these for super cheap, cut off the top so it’s just a loose sleeve and use it basically as just a soft grip, which makes it more of a handjob machine rather than stimulating everything. Put together with the fact that these are not very textured and pretty heavt duty, I feel confident using baby oil with them with no fear of absolutely destroying an expensive sleeve.

P.s I love seeing the crazy designs people come up with, people always find a way haha.

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These are fascinating! I’ve just been reminded to come back to this thread a few days in and it’s late here but I’m intrigued!

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Glad you like it too guys. :love_you_gesture:
I only had the OSR2+ for 1 day and I was quickly disappointed with the fleshlight. I expected a little more from it :man_shrugging:
Indeed, the weight seemed to be a lot and the freedom of movement was sometimes also limited due to the long case…
I immediately thought how can I attach that handy strap holder to that fleshlight connection.
The idea came quickly and the result above. :wink:

It is now a Handy but with multiple axes & twist which gives so much better experience. :ok_hand:

If anyone has any other ideas, I’d love to hear/see them too

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I like it! It’s a great solution for those who swear by the handy sleeves or have bought heavily into the handy ecosystem but do want to upgrade to OSR2/SR6.
I was just wondering what fleshlight sleeve you were so disappointed with?