The handy wont connect to intiface(need it for games)

Hi guy can anyone help me to connect the handy to intiface because last week it started crushing when connecting

do you use scriptplayer? as it has its own way to connect to the handy if so initface/buttplug is not needed anymore.

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Yes thanks for the info but i was using intiface with games

1.Hold the wifi button 2 seconds untill it stays blue
2. Connect your phone to the wifi
3. Download the handy app and setup wifi through ur phone.
4. Handy = connected to wifi.
5. update the handy :
6. connect the handy to intiface

i already did it when i got my handy i even used it with honey select 2 but now it wont connect no mater what i do maybe there are some programs that are causing it

yes i have im not that dumb

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