The Randy Handy Auto Script Generator Software

The Randy Handy
What is the Randy Handy?
The Randy Handy is software that allows you to create a more random funscript that (hopefully) feel more like an actual person working on you. A normal person does not jack you off with the exact same rhythm and style with each stroke. Things change, The speed, the up and down distance, the pattern, the pauses. Alot changes and this software is hopefully going to make a more lifelike or at least fun experience.

How does the Handy Randy Work?
In the Handy Randy Software there are a ton of settings and options you can change that will give you a custom and unique experience for each script you create. This is a work in progress please try it out and let me know what you think.

Settings you should try.
on the left you will see 8 settings They are as follows:

  1. Script Length: How long the script will be. This is limited to 5 mins for now.
  2. Max Strokes mmPS: Max Stroke Speed in millimeters per second. The max value here should be 380
  3. Min Strokes mmps: this is the minimum speed. I like something around 150
  4. Max Group Repeat: the strokes are broke down into groups for each style in the box on the right. This setting controls how many of the same group style wil happen in a row. This is only a Max setting and the actual number will very.
    5 and 6. Min (bottom) and Max (top) stop points. This is in % of total travel.
  5. Min Stroke Length. controls how long the shortest stroke length will be. Some styles like vibration do not follow this setting.
  6. Variability: This is the fun setting. This controls how much things will change or drift or just be random. a lower number will make the strokes more consistent. a high number will give you more randomness. i like something around 10. stuff over about 30 starts to get crazy in a strange way.

Then on the right in the tabbed box you will see the group styles along the top. Some of these are not yet working and some are. Here are some setting that might be of interest
Likelihood of…: This is how likely this style will be used.
Number of strokes per group: this is how long this group when selected, will last before going to another group.
Allow strokes to travel: this moves the stroke around maybe from the tip to the base or anywhere in between.
speed and travel variability change the stroke speed and distance so things feel more natural or life like.
a bounce strok is a little up down or down up at the top or bottom of the stroke again just for a more natural feeling.

As you can see there are a ton of setting to make each script unique. so play around and let me know what you think! if you like it will continue to work on it and release more styles and longer options.

Create a script:

  1. Set you settings.
  2. Click Generate
  3. Click Save and Save your Script
  4. use a script player software like where you can play a script with out a video. Then go to town!

GitHub - poolguard/RandyHandyV1

Please give me any feedback or recommendations you might have :slight_smile:

Edit 2023/07/31
Uploaded a new version with no time limit. Resolved a few issues with negative positions and improved speed. Up next is finishing the stroke options smoothing out the transition between stroke groups.


Updated with photo and getting ready to upload newer version application in a few day.


Cool I will give this a try.

Please post your github or code repository for this as most people wont be willing to run this outside of a VM.

Does not seem to work with “ScriptPlayer” unless I clean it using

Which looks to have gotten rid of any negatives. Which should probably never be generated.
Like this “{“at”:246836,“pos”:-2},”

And after the last command added some metadata like so.
And it had the script be on a single line.
Might be best to mirror that for compatibility.


Can you make an example funscript… I definitely want to see what that feels like

test1_MODIFIED.funscript (28.8 KB)

Example script using the default settings and cleaned with to remove negatives and fix the format to work on other script players.

Resolved the issue where you can get negative positions and removed the 5-minute limit… Also published it to git hub. :slight_smile:

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The whole idea with this program is there is no general feel for it… it is different for each script. and you have alot of settings to set it the way you would like it to be. Please give it a try.

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I will also work on the Meta Data in the future.

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test.funscript (78.9 KB)
I found another bug.

Looks like the timing can somehow get jumbled.

Example that’s out of order.