The world's quietest OSR2 and SR6, Same is the cheapest~~~


I’m going to need to hear this with a load on it.

I have been considering using these same servos.

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cool. what was done to make them more quiet? the hefty amount of lube on gears?

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We have produced some lower-noise hollow-cup servos. These servos are primarily manufactured using the ‘suspension processing’ technique, which allows gears to be produced on the same plane simultaneously. As a result, they have better meshing precision, leading to reduced noise


For the shipping cost currently set on these servos you may as well use the AGFRC 40kg brushless

Brushless servo motors are priced at a higher tier.

Yet are somehow much cheaper to ship

It would be nice to see a comparison of the two types of servo, using the same load, oriented vertically so there is some resistance from gravity

What is the approximate cost of using this servo to build an SR6, including shipping?

I’ve added a screenshot comparing price and shipping

To be fair that’s for a single unit, but it could be worth looking for a more efficient delivery method if it’s actually costing you the price of a second servo to send one

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I saw you offer that one also, though it’s still $45USD once you include the shipping

Then just buy our finished machines directly; we have all the accessories, hahaha.

Thanks, but no need

I’m interested in quieter servos and would like to know whether these actually compare favorably against others

If you find a way to ship for the same kind of price as other servo sellers then I’ll buy one to test

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I’d give these a try, but alas no shipping to Germany :frowning:

Can you provide full specs of the servos?

Torque (kg-cm) at 5V / 6V / 7.4V / 8.4V
Speed (sec/60°) at 5V / 6V / 7.4V / 8.4V
Stall current at 5V / 6V / 7.4V / 8.4V
Gear material
Operating angle

Also if you want to convince people that the servos are quiet you need to do a test with the fleshlight in vertical position, using a script that does fast full strokes. Ideally comparing it to some other random “noisy” servos.


I’m interested.

The FunOSR2 Mini seems to have the AI-Q200.
Why not the AI-H200 ?

Shipping does seem a bit high for sure…

I agree; I would need to see this before I would consider making a purchase.

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We can only control the product price and cannot control the shipping cost. If you need an SR6, you can compare prices