Theme with no thumbnails and dark mode?

Do you guys like the thumbmails that much? I have disabled them via uBlock so I don’t see them.

you can also use the ‘minima’ theme, which I’ve disabled thumbnails on

But this is only possible in light mode or can you somehow change it to dark?

I personally don’t like the thumbnails either. Would it be possible to have a dark version of minima?

There’s a setting I changed that lets you choose the color scheme, so you should be able to customize Minima to be in dark mode. Struggled to figure it out lol…


Now I can turn off thumbnails. Thanks for that. But change the font in Minima to the same as in Light, Grey Amber please. The font and font size are… not looking good.


100% Would be absolutely perfect if this could be done. Thank you!

If someone wants to figure out a good way to do it, let me know

I tested overriding the theme’s overrides, but there’s a lot more than just these few changes. Since it’s not a real holistic solution, I didn’t make it a live change.

html {
  font-family: var(--font-family) !important

h6 {
  font-family: var(--heading-font-family) !important

the minima source code is here: GitHub - discourse/minima

Would it be easier to clone the “Light” theme instead? (if it’s possible)

One without thumbnails (name: “Light”, default), One with thumbnails (name: “Light-with-thumbnails”, the user needs to explicitly choose it).

i personally could not figure out how to do that