There seems to be a mega ban wave going on

I would suggest users begin to move over to pixel drain and use a VPN.
mega is a piece of shit and you should stop using it.




I think pixel drain is pulling some shit as well.

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yeah i think so too

seems like its for loli content, Ive had stuff on my mega for over 10 years. My advice is if you don’t want to get banned don’t have loli content on it. honestly this applies everywhere; don’t share loli content.

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well i don’t care if i get banned really already happened

Do we have confirmation that it is loli content that is getting mega accounts banned? It could just be people mass reporting, even from this website. Just find an alternate service for video hosting. People in other posts are presuming things quite quickly on here. I think it could just be bias, and maybe a bit of hoping that loli content disappears.

its the only thing i had on mine that could be the reason, didn’t have any furry just porn and hentai and loli so thats gotta be why mine got removed at least.

Can pretty much confirm this is the case. Loli and furry are seen as objectionable materials by New Zealand law and MEGA does that when someone reports the link.

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…i’m curious if it’s only people from this site that are being targeted in the most recent crackdown…

Or you just dont hear about the others?

In most cases you dont hear people talk about their porn collection, and even more about things that could reveal such information. Only within the anonymous circle of a platform you therefor hear these things.
If people had such content and got banned, they arent going to tell others they got banned, it would be an instant giveaway.

I dont know how many loli platforms there is, but i do suspect a lot of them dont need to rely on mega anyway. Plenty of times porn related sites have their own cdn (like we do for scripts, or rule34video), or use things like torrents.

The more niche, the less likely they are going to be taken down because of hosting torrents (and as loli often doesnt involve copyrighted characters - as most are developed to look older - piracy laws have a lower ground to stand on).
There is also the case that people made a dump account. Sometimes these can survive very long if the content was unique.

You can be sure that you dont hear of most bans.

I would like to think that it is just a matter of loli content, but personally, even my second backup account on which there were ONLY my .funscripts and .ofs scripts was banned too, and obviously, the customer service sends me into the roses when I ask to at least give me the reason.
The T&Cs have been violated multiple times, all content is deleted and inaccessible.

I really wonder if there isn’t an attempt at sabotage after all.


i think it is

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Mega doesn’t have strict standards on what email addresses can be used to make an account. Whenever I upload something to share on MEGA, I just create a throwaway account with an email generator specifically for that upload. It’s not worth risking a main account you use for personal/storage needs on a DMCA or ToS issue. Obviously use a VPN to prevent an easy IP association with multiple accounts. Controversial files should probably have obfuscated file names and be zipped to prevent fingerprinting. Losing important files is always going to just be poor planning.

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There’s definitely a few users I can imagine sinking to that level and reporting it because they don’t like it

Been around the block for years and I use way too many sites. This isn’t a problem anywhere else. You might be right and I really wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just a person or two here reporting people for certain content lmao

Pretty much just speculation since even if it is someone reporting it, they most likely did so anonymously. Maybe through contacting MEGA you could at least find out that it was from a report and wasn’t just MEGA removing it on their own.

If only there was a way to share files in a more direct fashion while protecting the privacy of our beloved scripters hmm

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It would be enormous amount of effort for MEGA to actively patrol their database, and it wouldn’t be good for their “privacy” (bruh) image either. Pretty certain they only take action in response to user reports - they do have a dedicated channel for that.

Hmm pretty weird maybe they traced your account, or just acted upon related filenames?

Read the law again and thought it may encompass the following porn categories:

  • loli (“nudity of children, or young persons, or both”)
  • furry (“bestiality”)
  • rape (“the use of violence or coercion to compel any person to participate in, or submit to, sexual conduct”)
  • pissing and scat (“the use of urine or excrement in association with degrading or dehumanising conduct or sexual conduct”)
  • BDSM (“physical conduct in which sexual satisfaction is derived from inflicting or suffering cruelty or pain”) (“sexual or physical conduct of a degrading or dehumanising or demeaning nature”)
  • guro (“infliction of extreme cruelty”)

Note that it does not matter if the material is real, staged, drawn or computer-generated. MEGA can take these down with a ban so long as a compelling argument is made.

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