Those of you using the OSR on a monitor arm, how well does it work?

I’m looking into getting a monitor arm for my OSR, but I’m worried about the arm moving around and overall just being unstable, especially with intense scripts. To anyone who’s using this kind of setup, would you recommend it?

yep, the arms usually come with screws to keep the joints from moving. Just make them tight so that once you start using the machine it wont move the arm. Its a good set up imo


I’d say it depends on how fast the scripts you’re using are.

With fast motion, the momentum changes will definitely cause it to shake a bit. Mounting should not be done with the clamp in that case, but with screws through the surface in question. The threads on the clamp screw will get destroyed over time from the movement stresses.

I use a tubular monitor arm myself, which I used to mount to the desk in front of me with the clamp, only to discover the thread destruction problem (I compensated for a while by adding padding to engage unbroken threads). Now I use the same arm inserted into a 50-pound umbrella stand on the floor. It’s much more secure that way, though obviously the stand takes up some space and you need to work around it (have to use a chair with 5-pointed legs that you can center on the stand, for example).

An articulated arm will certainly move a lot more, though so long as you get one that’s designed to hold a large television, it should probably work.

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