Thumbnail previews?

I was being me … and thought … so many well capable to allow users to see thumbs with preview (gallery display visual along with post / video / script details listing .

Basically just like every or any porn site these days .

Just curious ?

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This would need a whole new site, because it’s not possible to implement these features in a forum like this.

But we already have an external site like this with ScriptAxis. It’s made by @defucilis, but currently on hold, because he was working on it alone and it became too much to maintain the site alone. The number of releases per day have increased so much, it would need several people to maintain a site like this.


@DarkJ if you don’t have a problem with spending time on a project I have a offer for you. All you have to do is tag scripts. If you are interested, msg me.

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Sure … let me know how I can help.

I wasn’t aware it would require a whole new site …

I was just thinking from my own experiences with web development.

I have an extensive amount of experience with strategic marketing rebranding integrated marketing…

How ever I was never the actual one who did the code writing or web design …

I’ve always been the creative director an my team would implement and execute on my direction.

My main reason for this… was when @qweer blew my mind with the numbers / traction with some posts … which I think could increase by at least double if the site posts offered thumbs / preview …

This comes from many different variants of the casual site surfer and different parameters… language Barriers being a huge contribution to lost traffic opportunity.

None the less if can give back to the community in any way… count me in.

I still plan to learn scripting … yet my OCD preference with Mac vs pc is my biggest hurdle …

I will msg you asap!

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lucky you, looks like there are at least 2 plugins that could enable something like this.
Can take at maybe adding them in the next week or two.


Pretty cool, that Dicourse is adding these! I especially like the list view and think it would fit pretty good in here.

Looking forward to it.

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Currently I’ve added the List style to all script categories. I’ve also included screenshots the other variations below.

Which variation do you want to use and why? Please discuss

Minimal grid

image, title, hearts, # comments


image, title, tags, date last activity, author


same as grid, but dynamic height instead of squishing the image


same as without thumbnail
image, title, tags, users, replies, views, activity. Table instead of grid.


I like List best then Minimal Grid after that.


List then Grid for me :+1:


List then Grid :ok_hand:


Nice, now the gifs I put in my posts have purpose :sweat_smile:

Edit, I enjoy the List, then Grid


I like the List the best followed by the Grid.

List: seems like the best option to see a lot of posts with the same/similar amount of options as the others without needing to scroll as much

Grid: I like the boxy/orderly look to it.


I do wish the thumbnails also covered the “NEW” and “UNREAD” pages too :eyes:


Thank you for adding this, it looks really cool.

For me it’s list list then grid.

List provides the best overview in my opinion. Grid also gives a good overview and if somebody prefers larger images, then this one is better.

Also, is there any rule to which image gets shown? I use a gif and thumbnails for my threads. On one thread it shows the gif and on the other ones it shows just one image. Do you know, what makes it choose a specific image, over the others? Or why an image gets shown over a gif?

+1 on that. Would be cool to have it there as well.


I’ll have to try out the 2nd plugin I linked, see if it can do it. The one I’m currently using does not support that.


check out the plugin page Topic List Thumbnails - theme-component - Discourse Meta

Looks like it automatically picks the first image, but you can manually override it.

HOWEVER, if we do switch to the other plugin, idk if it works the same. So I’d hold off on making any changes right now.

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Okay, I see. Thank you for the explanation.

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As a fullstack dev I was always wondering why no thumbnails. Also never looked at the source code for the site either. glad to see them up def an upgrade!

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the site runs on the open source Discourse software. You can get/make plugins, but I don’t think anyone here has taken the time to figure that out