Timestamp.trade sharing funscripts

I run timestamp.trade, an api to share scene markers with stash and xbvr.
For xbvr I provide a json file with cue points that can be loaded in to your instance and can have things like blowjob starts at 3:20, doggy starts at 4:10 etc.
These then show up in devor and heresphere allowing you to jump to that position in the video.
For stash I have a plugin to automatically add markers as you tag files with stashdb and pmvstash.
Data is crowd sourced with a task in stash to submit data to the api with a script for xbvr being worked on.

What I would like to do is start providing an api to automatically download the funscript file that goes along with the video as people tag their metadata in stash and xbvr.
I do not wish to violate any ones copyright so this will be an opt in system with files manually added by me. I’m looking to have a discussion and see if people would be happy for me to re-distribute the scripts before I start adding the feature.
I want people to opt in so if you are happy with me adding your current and future scripts post below to let me know below.


Few questions as someone that makes scripts.

  1. How will I be credited if I decide to opt in? I probably won’t be interested if I’m not being credited for my work.

  2. How will the scripts be distributed? Are you going to allow people to download them or will they be for streaming only?

  3. I imagine this would only be possible for scripts posted for free. I assume providing some kind of paid verification or something would be outside the scope of the plugin.

I have a plugin for stash that looks up my api and downloads extra metadata so markers / cue points. When it looks up the metadata it will automatically download the script without being prompted so there may not be any credit given. I can potentially add a tag to the scene in stash to add a credit if that is something you think is needed but as the python script is plain text nothing would stop people from removing this feature.

On the website I would provide downloads of the script.
I’m happy to have a profile page for you and add any info if you would find it useful.

I’m not against being an index of scripts located somewhere else. So as you tag scenes in stash the plugin could add the url to a forum post or other site.