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Tips and Tricks for the best session!

So, I assume many of you like me who enjoy scripts, have a routine to get the best use out of your devices possible, I’m interested to hear what others do and maybe improve mine.

So here’s what I do to maximize immersion and have the best session possible.

My current device is the OSR2+, having had a handy and a launch, I can say this blows them out of the water, it handles deep strokes very well and noticeably improves immersion. I use a butt sleeve fleshlight with it so the suction around the entrance is tighter to prevent falling out mid session. I use a silicon ring around shaft and balls to help keep hard while fumbling with setup. When I’m ready to start I’ll get into it and then put on my quest 2 and get deovr loaded up, usually spend the first few minutes optimizing the length of stroke which I’ll change a bit later. I use noise cancelling headphones (Bose qc35s) which I find are vital to immersion. Finally, I smoke weed before and sometimes mid session, I am having trouble pinpointing which exact effects I’m looking for in a strain so it will be good for a session, so i kind of just try each new one I get a couple times and see if I’m getting good sessions. I have never had weed enhance anything like it does VR Porn, when I discovered this, watching scripted content went from a once a week thing to a once a day thing. I always keep drinks nearby in case I get thirsty as well. I tried doing a 10 minute meditation before a session once and had a pretty good one, I should get back to trying that, often too lazy though!

So those are really the best things I have found to improve my sessions, I still have annoyances I’d like to overcome somehow. Longer sessions I sort of start to get desensitized and limp, which is annoying because I like longer sessions, so sometimes I’m trying to go long and I go too long and can’t cum and it’s annoying. Anxiety from someone walking in on me is always immersion breaking too, usually I only do it when I know I have the house to myself, but sometimes someone can come home unexpectedly, so depending on how focused I am on that it can entirely ruin a session, I have dogs who will bark if anyone arrives, but they also bark at other stuff, so it’s a double edged sword, nice to have a warning, but not when it’s not what I want to be warned about! Positioning the OSR2 perfectly can be a little tricky too, though I really think that’s just because it’s new, overall I have an easier time with it than I did any other device initially.

What are some things you guys do to enhance your experience and maximize your immersion?


OSR for me too. With all the basic add-ons.

The best for me it has to be the lube pump! I cannot imagine stopping to lube any more.

I sometimes set up my osr control and the Oculus headset controller so I cannot operate them instantly. SO, as I am totally orgasming and my mind goes blank I have to recover a bit to even think how to stop without a stretch of post orgasm workout. I had a setup working for estim and have a few ideas how to control myself with the OSR even though it seems a bit harder to accomplish.
Half of being captured is knowing in advance you are captured!

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OSR2+/SR6 With T-wist

Depends on the session.

Push thought the limp desensitized for a reward.

I too use can attest to getting in the right state of mind, one way or the other. Whatever works for you as an individual.

I like a tens unit and rings at the balls and shaft as well.

I don’t normally use VR but when I have I really like using 2d in the headset as well for the immersion.

I have had some sessions last hours just getting on the edge and riding it using the power switch to prevent the big O.

I start with slower videos and work my way up into the faster paced ones.

Glad to hear how other get down as well.

“Make fists with your toes. Better than a hot shower and a cup of coffee.” :smiley:

VR with the Handy is simply awesome. Getting nice and high before hand extremely enhances the experience for me. Sometimes I like to get extra swole by using a penis pump then a cock ring (I like the jelly rings the best). The thing that really pushes everything else over the top though is to take a couple of whiffs of a popper when I am getting close to popping myself lol. It is is little awkward to use poppers while wearing the VR headset so I mostly use those with regular videos.