Tips on Audio Only script creating?

I found work thats only audio that i think really needs a script and id like to be the one who does it. Er, at least id like to try it anyway… Only problem is I have no clue where to start as it would be the first one I attempt. If anyone has tips or tricks for doing such a thing id really appreciate it.
For example: There is a point where you eat her out, is that something you’d add anything into?

I think it’s really up to you and your imagination. The problem with audio only scripts is that you can hear blowjob but in a lot of cases you don’t hear handjob and riding parts. Is the guy only eating her or are they doing 69 position? If fhere are mentions in the audio they are doing it I would add some strokes to the script, otherwise I would stick to the audio and not add anything for this part. You can always enable filler strokes when using the script.

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