To fill strokes or not to fill strokes, that is the question

“Whether 'tis better in the video to suffer
The blank spaces of sections with no action,
Or to fill in strokes potentially killing immersion,
And by opposing end them?”

For real, though… what’s your preference?

  • Fill all the strokes!
  • Don’t!
  • IDGAF- Scriptplayer fills gaps for me!

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Those using Scriptplayer can fill gaps that way and those that download the script to TheHandy can use FunExpander (if I remember correctly) to create a modified version of the script using the fill gaps feature.

If you, as a scripter, add fillers then those that don’t want them are forced to spend a lot of time manually identify all these strokes and manually delete them in OFS or JFS.

The first two options can be automatically handled by software while the last requires tedious manual work, so the question about fillers is a no brainer IMHO.

Do not add filler strokes!

Moved the post to General - Polls BTW.


That’s been my attitude since I started scripting, but I’ve gotten a couple of PMs requesting/suggesting filler.

Oops, shit, sorry.

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Those probably don’t know about the feature in FunExpander.

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Another solution is if you as a scripter create two versions of the script, one with and one without fillers. You can use FunExpander yourself so it won’t be any additional work for you :slight_smile: But I think it’s better that people discover and learn to use all the fantastic tools that engaged members of this community have created for us.


I was considering creating alternate scripts, but decided against it for a couple of reasons. Didn’t realize Fun Expander had that functionality- I’ll definitely point people that direction. Thanks for the heads up!

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I don’t think it’s worth doing if you’re creating the script — I presume that plenty of folk do what I do and have a few Python scripts or such that process any given script into something that matches our own preferences. (Or maybe I’m just weird, IDK.)