To4st - Game Integration Mods

You know what i would want to see one day?
That this game gets modded or gets a integration.

There is a “Love Potion Disaster Mod Edition”, on f95zone, thats still active.
So it might be quite doable to add an integration mod.

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Thank you for all your hard work! @to4st

Btw you should definitely check out this masterpiece that I found.


isn’t NoR still being developped ? making an integration mod would probably be very exhausting

Night of Revenge is complete, dlsite says last update was 11/2022

LillianNight and Anything Goes In a Fallen World don’t recognize BepInEx. :disappointed_relieved:

Been done since a good while ago. One of those important, high quality, eroge like Succubus Affection. Very worth scripting.

Help me. I was able to connect to the FunScript Player using IntiFace Central, but I can’t link it to the game. The game is Stigma of Lust.

Make sure the four files in the mod folder are placed next to the game exe. After launching the game once, there should be more folders that were automatically created in the bepinex folder.

There should be a logoutput.log file that might give an idea of why something might not be working.
If BepInEx fails to even hook into the game there might be a log file right next to the exe with some info in it. I think the name starts with preloader_. These would be worth checking.

Did you copy all the necessary files to the game’s www folder? It might not be clear that it’s working immediately. The app only reports on commands it receives from the game. Usually the first thing you’d see is either filler or fillerstop depending on the config you set in the script-config file that’s next to the game exe.

I remember playing a trial version of it some time ago, but it faded from memory.
I didn’t know that they finished it. I’ll gladly try and mod it when I can find the time. If inspiration hits I might script it as well, but if anyone else would like to offer assistance in scripting I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth :smile: That’s of course if I’m able to find a way to mod it.

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BepInEx recognizes LillianNight but cannot connect to Funscript Player, BepInEx does not recognize Anything Goes In a Fallen World.
The first and second images are from LillianNight, and the third and fourth images are from Anything Goes In a Fallen World.

I think BepInEx has issues with non-roman characters in its file path. Try renaming folders that are in Japanese to English

Do I need to change any of the file names for it to work properly?

Mine is Chinese version, not sure it is the same but I made it works after placing the “堕落世界里的万事屋v1.1_Chinese” folder directly on Desktop. (C:\Users\xxx\Desktop\堕落世界里的万事屋v1.1_Chinese)